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    Good evening Ladies & Gentlemen!
    Playing with uberlather (soap + creme + 5 drops of glycerin, don't remember who came up with this idea first[?]) for a while, I found a new recipe that boosts it even more, by adding a squirt of Dr. Bronner's liquid unscented soap. There are two ways to go: either adding the liquid soap to the mix, or using Dr. Bronner's soap instead of the creme. This way one doesn't need to match the fragrances of shaving soap and creme, as the liquid soap is unscented and has no effect on the shaving soap's scent. The lather of this new mixture is unbelievable, and gives me the closest, most comfortable shave ever.
    I found the best price for Dr. Bronner's unscented (Baby mild) liquid soap here:

    BTW, I'm not in any way affiliated with any company that produces and/or sells these soaps. Just a happy customer. :cool:

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