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    Here are 2 Filomatics that are on the fence and maybe over on the other side in the unicorn fields. Both these far as I know were only given away as free razors when you bought the Titano DE or F1 inyector blades.

    filo1.jpg filo2.jpg filo3.jpg

    The injector razor only accepts single edge injector blades and will not work with Schick II twin blades. They had an F2 injector razor that did but that razor is a direct copy of a Gillette Twinjector. The DE razor is interesting in that you have to load a DE blade on the cap with one blade tab between the cap and base plate before flipping over and locking the cap with a switch on the base plate.

    The only Filomatics I know of that would be even rarer than these are the same DE as here but with colored handles, one in green, red and 1 or 2 other colors that elude me what they were right now.
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    I always forget about this thread... Nothing unicorn about a Gillette Knack but this one is: the super rare color red Knack! Made in Mexico. T-4 date code = made in the fourth quarter of 1973.







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