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    Gem begat (briefly) R&S then Yankee when Reichard left Gem, with Yankee then becoming Ever Ready in '05. .

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  2. BBS

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    Added context

    Jerry Riechard with financial backing of Mary Zinn started Gem Cutlery in 1898.

    He leaves Gem Cutlery around 1902 or 1903 and forms with August Schueber I believe originally called Reichard & Schueber Manufacturing in 1903. It may have been Yankee Razor first but either way the company by the end of 1903 is named Yankee Razor Company.

    The Ever Ready brand is introduced in 1904 and the company is renamed to Ever Ready in 1905.

    In 1906 Gem and Ever Ready merge and become American Safety Razor Company. At this point they own the brands Gem, Ever Ready, Yankee, Radio and there maybe others.

    In 1919 they merge with Star Safety Razors and become American Safety Razor Corporation.

    Other key dates

    In 1938 Richard Kampfe Jr. grandson of the original Kampfe Bros. and Star Safety razors starts Treet razors.

    Treet is acquired by ASR in 1948.

    ASR acquires Pal and Personna in 1951.
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    This is a simple unicorn, the Burham Safety Razor. I saw one earlier this year, the first I have seen. I went hunting and found this one still in its box with instructions and a usable blade, too.

    BSR10.JPG BSR01.JPG BSRpatent.jpg BSRDirections.jpg
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    I believe that was 1953.

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    Possible, 51 is the date I have in my notes on this.
  6. jmudrick

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    June 26, 1953.[​IMG]

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  7. BBS

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    1953 it is. I'll update my notes accordingly.
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  8. jmudrick

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    Speaking of unicorns, the significance for collectors of the '53 date was that the acquisition took place just after Personna's introduction of the Gibbs type Micrometric adjustable DE. The razor continued to be sold for a brief time after the acquisition but may not have had any further production runs. I don't have one .

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  9. Dave in KY

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    Not sure if that's a unicorn. 9 of them on the Bay right now and see them frequently.
  10. BBS

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    Those Personna razors are definite unicorns.
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    To be fair there may only be about 9 of them.

    Realistically collectors if you go by ebay's completed sales pay in the $10 to $20 range for a Burham razor. I think a better guestimate on how many are out there it is probably in the hundreds if that. The also sold rebranded versions of this razor, I used to have one called Our Famous Safety Razor that was sold by International Safety Razor.


    If packaging is the criteria this could be considered a unicorn.
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    I let this unicorn go in a trade last year. I don’t regret it as the shave was pretty much the same as any other 1912 but it sure was pretty. Oh yeah, I really, really wanted what I got in return :eatdrink047:

    Sun Ray box and case.jpg
    Sun Rays tops.jpg
    Sun Rays and case.jpg
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    Is this unicorn enough?
  14. tonich

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  15. brit

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    that's awesome. :cool:the only other gold rfb made,the decotee being the other one.:)
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  16. tonich

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    DSCN8825.JPG And the pair:
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  18. BBS

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    When was the last time anyone seen on of these.
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    Darwin Miracol - Yes or No?

    How does it shave:
    This has some blade feel and is somewhere just above Medium on the aggression scale.


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