Upgrading the Den a bit with some new Faucets.

Discussion in 'Special Projects' started by SSLSTudio..., Aug 16, 2008.

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    So I guess it was time to change the Den a bit , I got fed up with leaking Faucets and ugly left over Kit all over the place so I decide to take off the whole Sink so I could install the new Faucet in a relaxed mode.

    I didnt need a basin wrench ,you need another person to hold the sink up so you can install the new faucet and the sink doesnt fall down.

    Lots of gunk on the back and on the sink I used a black&decker mouse sander to get rid of some.
    When you reconnect the pipelines make sure you mark down which one was Hot water and which one was Cold water.

    Upgrading your Den really gives you a nice feeling and it doesnt have to cost you an arm and a Leg for all items I was about 89€ poorer ( 2 faucets + stainless steel drain) (ebay ! buying this from a Sanitair shop would cost you an arm and leg ! ) but the Joy you get back from a cool faucet and NO water leaking causing fungus everywhere is priceless !

    I still have a bit of trouble with the S taps on the bathroom wall as you can see I have not installed the protection covers yet because somehow with covers on its keeps leaking water have to figure that one out yet.

    The drain I have bought didnt fit because the stainless steel pipe was just a bit too small causing the locking enclosure not be fully closed so I will be upgrading the draining pipes to a fully stainless new modell so the sink drain can be pimped too.

    I might get a new Sink (Italian Marble) aswell but I dont want to upgrade too much as the future plans soon are a complete new bathroom and breaking open the roof to get more room .

    Here are some Photos of the steps I had to take to get the job done. hope it inspires you to get going with your Den aswell it doesnt matter if you own a house or rent a house
    everyone needs a good Den for the morning rituals.

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    Fabelhaft! sehr schoner Bild, Boubi!
  3. SSLSTudio...

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    Thanks , im not done yet I have a dirty old plastic soap holder that has to go too you can see a glimps in the photos of it forgot to clean it up :ashamed001

    The Stainless steel drain pipes I have to locate one and find out the right diameter for it.

    I'll keep ya posted it is fun working on the Den and you enjoy it the better you didnt pay a plumber to do it for you !
  4. RJTrevino1975

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    Nice work can come over and help me with mine now? :)
  5. sparky5693

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    That faucet is really nice rene.
  6. mastermute

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    It looks awesome!
  7. Gillette_Man

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    Love that faucet! I can really relate to you, my friend, because I just did a 5 sink replacement in my house and had to cut and install new S-traps on each one. A lot of work, but the new sinks look great.
  8. Sejanus

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    Wish my faucet looked like that when I redid my washroom!
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    Hi there !

    then you might be able to help me I have problems with my S-trap somehow when I install the covers it aint working it keeps on leaking when I remove the covers and really screw the @#@# out of the system it holds water.

    should I kit the S-traps or what I have a feeling as I turn the S-traps they are moving again when tightening the bolts not funny !

    so thats why out of disspair I have installed it for the time being without covers.

    I did something really stoopid because I have gotten NEW S-Traps with the new Faucet for the bathtub I removed the OLD ONES ! but they were ok and offcourse still rock solid with the former KIT/glue. I just found out the new covers didnt fit over the old S-Traps here some pics of the current situation.

    I dont have a water bubble leveler in house so I cant make it straight I know the S-traps are made to cover a certain heart distance between the bolts.

    You can see I have already damaged the bolts chrome a bit I got so frustrated of using the cloth I dont have the right size Spanner in house so that is not helping im using the manual tool you see lying on the ground in the earlier photo for the Sink with the red handles. a bit of a shame I know I did start out with protecting it. if I had the right size spanner my little one that I used for the sink only is for 2,5CM wide I needed atleast 3.5-4 cm.

    well impressive 5 sinks now that is a B...@#@ I didnt do miracle here its the same faucet thats been installed in 1983 ! installing a new Faucet now that will be a whole different challenge because the holes with the pins holding the faucet will probably be of a different distance so then ill have to drill new holes. I just hope more people will do this because man I should have done this 10 years ago already ! people keep using the old crap for too long . specially if they move to a different home and keep using the old faucet from the previous residents..

    thanks all for the comments I love that Faucet aswell .. fell right for it when I saw it the first time.

    stuff really begins to break or get faulty after 20 years of use . Next items up are the Laundry machine .. getting a PLasma TV yep the TV is dying too a wide screen Sony it takes 5+ minutes till the screen shows you something warm up time and now we are getting some black screens sometimes while you watch something very annoying. untill its warmed up totally then it stays ok again.

    A few Light dimmers around the house need replacement aswell and I need to start painting the house again from outside and actually inside has to be done aswell. outside I did in 2005.

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  11. sparky5693

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    Rene, what type of traps are you working with? Plastic? Metal?
  12. Gillette_Man

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    What type of S-traps do you have? What I am seeing in your pics appears rather unusual. My traps are made of PVC, so it was essentially a "cut and glue" operation. If you have metal traps, I'm afraid that's beyond my level of expertise as a DIYer. I would love to help in any way I can, but I'm not really sure of what I am looking at.
  13. soapbuddy

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    I love the faucet on the sink!:happy088
  14. SSLSTudio...

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    These are the Metal ones Bobby . now I regret a bit removing the ones that were installed in 1983 because the S-traps are standardised diameter but my new covers wouldnt fit of the old offcourse I could have used for the time being
    the old covers and old S-Trap and the new faucet would have be installed leveled because those S-traps were glued and leveled. but I know how it goes then ill never install the new covers on it would look a bit weird but I would not have damaged my nuts then but its ok im not watching that constantly not like you watch the faucet on the sink .
  15. The Chebb

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    That is one serious faucet! Way cool!
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  17. Padron

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    Very nice Rene, Congrats! :D
  18. moviemaniac

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    Splendid, my dear Rene!
  19. Stuggi

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    I just had to resurrect this thread to pay my respects to that wonderful faucet, just wonderful! Love the waterfall! :D I need to send pics of it to a Finnish faucet maker and have them copy it! :D

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