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Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by Karl G, Feb 18, 2016.

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    You may NOT use it to shave your backside (see avatar) unless you are the last person on the list. That's all I'm sayin'.
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    I second that...
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    In other words, unless you're bringing up the rear. :thanks:
  4. Karl G

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    You guys are killing me... :happy097:
  5. richgem

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    We're here all week. Be sure to try the veal. :D
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  7. Karl G

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    The Bunny has landed. :happy036:

    I'll spare you the unboxing photos in order to cut to the chase. The Bunny arrived early and was excited to give the fans something to talk about. She had heard that I had had a fling with the "Shy Girl" PAL Adjustable to get ready for her debut and took to immediately setting herself apart. Within minutes she was unboxed and ready for her first swimsuit cover issue photo shoot. She wasted no time strutting her stuff on a sunny day and blue skies to entertain our camera with some lovely curves and inviting poses. She's no shy girl and if this afternoon's shoot is any indication, she won't be in the den either. More on that later. :cool:

    In the meantime, meet the new Miss Nokomis Beach... :happy005:

    Bunny beach shot.JPG

    Get in line, boys... She's coming to a town near you. :happy093:
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  8. twhite

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    Got there fast. Very cool.

    Now I hope you enjoy the shave.

    I am VERY nervous

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  9. gzp

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    Yeah, she's not wearing her life jacket!:p
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  10. PLAla

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    I may have missed this somewhere, but do we need to buy any special blades? I know we are to load a new one in before shipping to the next person. What blades do we use? I have Chinese Schick injector blades.
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  11. twhite

    twhite Peeping Tom

    Those are fine. That is what i use. Leave the old blade in when you ship. The person receiving it next will load there blade of preference.

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  12. PLAla

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    Easy enough! Sounds good, and thanks again for sharing your creation. Exciting stuff!
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  13. Karl G

    Karl G Well-Known Member

    Shave report number 1:
    OK, the Bunny has had her maiden shave and it was a doozy. First, let me just say that as much as Tom is nervous about hearing how the world reacts to his creation, I have been equally anxious about this first shave. I mean, after all, what if don't like it??? :signs002:

    However, it turned out not to be that straightforward. An important thing to remember is that these are pre-production razors and the finer strokes are still being created. In this case, I quickly found that the inner spring (which pushes the blade forward to keep it tight against the stops) needed some adjustment. It was a little tight which got in the way of loading a blade. After a quick consultation with the Maker himself, a simple fix was instituted to allow a blade to be loaded cleanly. However, until I get a few more shaves in, it won't be clear if I performed this within the tolerances intended.

    So, onto the shave (using the Mild comb as advised.) Before I forget, the spring is very tight on this Bunny so you need a little ooomph when pushing in the injector key. I decided I'd try a Personna blade as I find they amp up the mild Type G Schicks and, besides, I was out of Schick blades. :rofl: When I went to pull the injector out the plastic casing on the Personna magazine started to come off. Yeah, it was gripping it pretty tight. With all the monkeying around, I was aware that I nicked the corner of the blade getting it in properly but decided to go ahead anyhow. Yeah, I was that anxious to get started and went ahead and lathered up.

    Wow, the first strokes were like magic. You know those TV commercials where a rag and some cleaner miraculously wipes those stains away? Well, it was like that. Super easy to find the angle and also enough audible feedback to know I was clearing away some stubble. I only had small amount of beard to shave as it had only been 24 hours since a dolphin smooth shave with my PAL Adjustable. I find shaving with a lighter beard to be harder than shaving with two days of growth so this was a really good test. Besides finding I wanted to keep shaving the same spots because it felt too easy to be true, I realized that there is a different feel to the head of the Bunny. I'm chalking it up to the open comb but I was very conscious of the comb sliding across my face. It literally felt like it was on skates, smoothly sliding along. It was very pleasant. :happy036:

    You can already guess that I was getting great reduction and a great shave. However, much to my dismay, I saw a weeper or two after the first two passes. I decided I should have replaced the blade after all so I did so for the third pass. No problem getting the blade in this time. However, by the end of the third pass I had a small weeper minefield on my upper lip. What??? I haven't seen anything like that since my first PAL Injecto Matic. In that case, the beloved PAL IM bit me bad, as it turned out, due to a worn blade stop and the blade loading on top of that stop. Hmmm, could it be...? :signs002: I examined the Bunny carefully and all looked OK. The stops on the Bunny are small and my eyes aren't the greatest so I applied some downward pressure on the blade behind the stop and heard a distinct, "click." Same on the other side. Evidently, the blade must have loaded a little off of the base plate and was resting just at the edge of the top of the blade stops. :sad029:

    So, this brings us back to the beginning. I am not sure I performed the repair in a manner that is allowing the Bunny to hold the blade as she is meant to. I'll try again tomorrow and see if I have a different experience. It's entirely possible that in the process I messed up the pressure of the top spring so I'll do a little more consulting with the Maker before attempting the next shave. :happy088:

    An awesome razor. The experience of simply wiping away the whiskers and feeling the glide of the open comb is heavenly. The open comb is also fantastic at not clogging - removing any built up lather is a simple light swish in the sink. The Bunny also feels great in the hand. It's very well balanced with the center of gravity just below the lower rivet. I love the looks and if I had to nit-pick those I'd suggest considering raising the narrowest part of the handle to be closer to the lower rivet. My hunch is it would give it a more balanced look. Some may find the handle a bit slippery, it will be interesting to see how everyone responds to that. I don't have a problem with it being smooth, however. My other nit-pick would be to make the blade stops a little larger and higher. Oh, and did I mention I have an incredibly smooth face at the moment? :happy036:

    T&H Ultimate Comfort PSO
    Castle Forbes Lavender Shaving Cream
    T&H Wellington Super Badger
    The Bunny BV-3
    Personna (1)
    Osma Alum Block
    T&H Classic After Shave Balm
    Bunny in the box.JPG

    Bunny B-V3 with TH CF TH kit.JPG

    Happy shaving - Karl
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  14. Billyfergie

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    :happy096:Great Report Karl..The Bunny does skate freely on your Face..I know what you mean..She is an Awsome Bunny for Sure..:happy108:

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  15. PLAla

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    Karl, what a great write-up! It will be so interesting to read the reactions and reviews of everyone's experiences. Thanks for letting us in on your maiden voyage!
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  16. Billyfergie

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    Hey.. @Karl G ..You need some Auld Man Glasses..I can see those stops from 20 paces..:happy097:

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  17. Darkbulb

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    GREAT report and you've set the bar high for others Bunny-Road-Photos !!
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  18. macaronus

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  19. Karl G

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    Aye, that's because I am an Auld Man. :happy102:
  20. Billyfergie

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