Tutorial Video: How I lather Williams

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by Justin Linker, Aug 18, 2013.

  1. swarden43

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    Not if he's getting a lather he is happy with.
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    I like the Williams Shaving Soap. It tastes like Ivory Soap.(don't ask!) When I do find it for sale it's usually $.98 or $1.25 ea. Depending on where you buy it. The CVS Pharmacy close to my house has it for $0.98 ea. but if you use a CVS customer Loyalty Card and you buy 7 or more it's $0.75 ea.
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    Nice video. I just used my Williams today. I usually load it for about 20 seconds and go straight to the face. I will coat the face and then dip the tip of the bristles in water and continue to build my lather. It works great. I usually do just two passes, but I wash lots down the drain.
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  4. JerryT

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    Great video! Really helpful. Thanks.
  5. Good videos, thanks for the info. I've had trouble getting a thick lather like this, now I know why!
  6. Str8Edge

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    Nice little video...thx!
  7. ColtJustice

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    I use Williams as a standby, or for something different, and use my silvertip badger, and get a great lather. The trick is controlling the amount of water, and make sure you have plenty of soap on the brush.
  8. Paul Turner

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    Williams was the second soap I ever used(I've come a long way since!). I have one now, and better get going with it to enjoy the Williams/Aqua Velva combination. Using Williams taught me the soaps were pretty good after all. My first use was with one of the Stephan soaps. While it did the job it was supposed to do, I got rather uncomfortable with it. Felt like I was putting fragranced paper scraps all over my face.
  9. Trigger

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    I can get a nice lather with Williams, but it tends to disappear when you shave. Now, I would have liked to see him face lather and then shave. It would have helped his cause. I suspect that he didn't do it because he knew that Williams doesn't stay on the face for any length of time. My solution is to apply Noxema cleansing cream on your face and than face lather the Williams over it. I get a nice thick, rich and slick lather. Shaving with only Williams just doesn't cut it. Yes, the pun was intended.
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    Love me some Williams. Great thread.
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  11. ordinaryshaver

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    2 things, @wchnu will have a field day with this. Secondly, I have lathered Williams with a badger, takes a bigger load, but it works.
    Watch out, a brick is headde your way!
    Give my latest video a watch, hope it helps.

    It's easy when you get the hang of it. I recommend a face lather over a bowl, makes it a might easier in my opinion.
    1. Soaps do take more time, but each person is unique on their likes and dislikes about thickness of lather. Experiment and see what you like.
    Of course I would recommend Williams, but besides that Stirling, Van Der Hagen luxury, Tabac, and Arko along with palmPalmo stick or cream and the Derby sticks are great as well .
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  12. wchnu

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    Plain ole modern Williams works just fine.

    The tools are not the problem.

    Just a few examples. There are plenty more around the channel.

    @ordinaryshaver I did not bother with the 3-4 year old post.


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