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    This was fun, I used a completely different system to take the warps out, and de-stress the horn..
    Many of you that use this stuff, know that the Streaked Horn is the WORST of all of them for warping but the new system worked great..
    I will try and get a full write up on the process when I get some time

    Polished the horn with 3M Tri-m-ite 400-8000 paper

    The pins are Brass the outside washers are domed SS inner bearing washers are Brass

    The wedge is Faux Ivory the scales are at .115" thickness

    No polishing on the steel

    Honing was Chosera 1-5-10 with a Smashed Slurry on my Select grade Coticule for finishing

    Thanks for looking







    Pretty straight huh :p
  2. HolyRollah

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    Good looking stuff, Glen! Not a warp in sight...
    Manly razor, too! :happy088:
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    That is gorgeous.
  6. DaltonGang

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    Great work.
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  8. alpla444

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    Nice work Glen, I hear ya with the streaked scales warping!!!
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    Stunning, as usual!
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    Awesome :happy096:
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    Wow. SO appealing. Such an amazing job. Kudos.
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    Would love to see this done to my 9/8th Joseph Elliot. Beautiful work!

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    Very nice..well done. I look forward to your post on how to unwarp streaked horn scales.

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