Was on the wait list for the Karve Copper razor/It’s being shipped

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    I really like my Karve brass & SS razors so I placed my name on the wait list for a copper model and razor stand to match. Now I will have all three metals side by side in the den. Should be here Tuesday of this week.

    Karve copper wide body top cap 3” handle B .73mm plate for me now that I figured out the best plate for me with my first two Karve razors.

    In my testing for me I have found the B plate to be the best. At first I really liked the .85mm C plate great shaves. The B plate is just smoother on the neck area with a lot less caution needed and delivers just as close of shave for me.

    I recommend the Karve razors highly for modern machined safety razors. Price to value is great and I have received my razors in two days after placing the orders if in stock. The fit and finish has been super.

    I plan to let the copper razor patina naturally like I am doing with my brass Karve razor. I just disassemble after a shave remove blade rinse with a 50/50 mix of dawn soap and water in a small spay bottle removing gunk and soap film. I then wipe everything dry and place the razor in it’s stand. My razor is getting natural patina nicely.

    pic’s of the copper razors below.

    Happy Shaves All,
    Bill G

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