Weck Hair Shaper, Sextoblades, and other Blades

Discussion in 'Straight Razors' started by DaltonGang, Nov 7, 2020.

  1. Brickman301

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    Hello everyone! I just started posting here again a few days ago, after not posting for a long long time.
    Anyways, while I was away from here, I got really boring with my shaving, lol. I almost Exclusively used a Weck Sextoblade for more than a year. Now with that stated, in the mean time I did grow a short beard, so the Weck has only been used to shave my neck, and define my beard line.
    Obviously, I fell in love with the Weck, and it is the most used razor I own. The persoona blades last a long time, and are super sharp the 1st few uses.
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  2. DaltonGang

    DaltonGang Ol' Itchy Whiskers

    Do you every strop them??

  3. Brickman301

    Brickman301 Well-Known Member

    DaltonGang good to see you still on here! To answer your question , no I never tried stropping the blades
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  4. Dave in KY

    Dave in KY On second thought, Buttercup

  5. DaltonGang

    DaltonGang Ol' Itchy Whiskers

    Thanks. I saw that.
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  6. Brickman301

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    Tonight’s shave
    Razor: Weck sextoblade
    Blade: Fromm
    Soap: Arko
    Brush: Boar
    Aftershave: lilac vegetal

    Wonderful shave!

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