Wet shavers: On the forefront of the emerging trends of the day.

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    We all started for different reasons. Get a better shave. Eliminate ingrown hairs. We enjoy the ritual of putting a brush to your face. To shave like our grandfathers and fathers did.

    But little do you realize that members of the wet shaving community at the forefront of some of the emerging trends in our popular culture.

    It’s easy being green.
    Compared to our cartridge and shaving goo brethren we safety razor users are more environmental conscious. Let start with the razor. The environmental footprint of a safety razor user is significantly less than someone who uses cartridges or worst yet disposable razors. I have three years of accumulated blades which only have filled 1/3 of a 20 ounce soda bottle. Compare that with three years worth of disposable razors or cartridges. The difference is considerable. Our razor stays in the medicine cabinet or on the shelf. Not in the landfill. Also factor in the energy used to create a double edge or single edge blade and compare that to the cartridge with multiple materials or a disposable with a plastic handle.
    Let’s turn to cream and soaps. Most of the artisan soaps we purchase come in minimal packing. Cream may be packaged in plastic but in many instances we reused the packaging for other products. A tub of cream may last 3 to 6 months. A canned cream or gel user may go through 4 to 6 cans during the same period.

    We’re Internet Entrepreneurs

    Some of us have turned our hobby into thriving businesses. From JoAnna here at the Shave Den and the other soap merchants, to Rudy Vey who produces some exceptional brushes to the other vendors too numerous to mention (and I don’t want to leave anyone out unintentionally) who search the world to bring us the best in blades, creams, soaps, aftershaves, brushes, and razors.

    We practice Random Acts of Kindness

    PIF. Just read the forum threads. We are a generous lot sharing our knowledge, finds, and shaving stash with others.

    We’re Pickers

    One of the most popular shows right now on cable TV feature pickers who unearth treasures in others junk and at fleas markets, estate sales, yard sales, and antique stores. America is catching on to what many of us have been doing for years.

    We Repurpose

    We search the Goodwill looking for latte cups, small onion soap tureens, or any other item which will serve us well to mix lather in. We find old dusty razors in antique stores and put them back in service. We find uses for our empty shaving tubs. We find old discarded shaving brushes and resurrect them with a new knot and some TLC.

    We do DIY Projects
    From brush restoration, soap making, home made aftershave, skin food, razor racks, and complete shave den design we have some vary creative people here. Just click on the Inside the Den link from the Forum main menu.

    We are a special bunch of people. We are passionate about our hobby. Creative. Entrepreneurial. Generous. Thrifty. And some of the best groomed and best smelling folks in the world.
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    Very nice subject for an article! Thank You for bringing this to us!
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    Wonderful article!
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    I think that the community is great. I love how generous it is and how it trickles down. Some users don't have much to give away but still do. Others have lots of extra creams soaps etc and give them away. I love it, i got my start with a little PIF set and because of one person I have started wet shaving. I have also gone onto PIF that set and other items. It is a great community to be in.
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    Great article Tom! :happy096

    You really hit on many great points that I never gave any thought to before. :signs107 :)
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    OUTSTANDING!!! Thanks for the great article. I really like this new feature.
    One thing left out-we stimulate the economy-many of us have more product than we could use in a few life-times:happy102
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    great post, very interesting information there since I am new to wet shaving, keep these great articles going
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    Never did think aobut it from an environmental stand point but your right. Also the new fancy handles I bet are pretty pricey to make and I bet Ive wrecked three of them by dropping them in the shower.
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    You're right on so many accounts...and we are a well-groomed, good smelling crew aren't we...:D
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    I really enjoyed the article, great thoughts.
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    Who would have thought I was being green. I just thought I was too cheap to buy the expensive razor blades. After reading the article I find my self quite proud to be a wet shaver that uses DE and straights. I am recycling and creating less land fill.
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    Very positive way of looking at things, I have to applaud the attitude of this poster. You are correct when you state the giving nature of this forum. I have yet to read any negitive feedback or pettiness from the fine good smelling folks here. As a new member here I find that refreshing. Thanks for the great insight.


    Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex... It takes a touch of genius - and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.
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    very cool thread..
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