What are you listening to?

Discussion in 'The Chatterbox' started by saltypete, May 14, 2009.

  1. saltypete

    saltypete New Member

    What music have you been playing on your I pod or CD player lately?

    In the car this morning I had a playlist including Thelonious Monk, Charles Mingus and John Coltrane.

    This afternoon whilst studying I had some Beethoven playing and tonight I was listening Sum 41's 'Chuck" album.

    What about you guys?

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  2. Dr. Mike

    Dr. Mike New Member

    Today, I plan to listen to Schubert's 9th Symphony. I just bought 2 recordings last night - one from George Szell and the Cleveland Orchestra, the other from Wand and the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra.
  3. Dexterous

    Dexterous Member

    The last two Decemberist albums, The Crane Wife and The Hazards of Love.
  4. saltypete

    saltypete New Member

    This afternoon whilst enjoying a beer and cigar with my uncle we listened to a suite by Respighi called 'The Pines'. After the football is finished I'm planning on cranking up Metallica's Death Magnetic album.

  5. omegapd

    omegapd New Member


    Don't feel too bad that your post hasn't garned many replies. We're not ignoring you. We just did this same post like a week and a half ago or so. ;) I'm still listening to the same thing I did back then...:D

  6. Corey

    Corey Member

    Got the Zune loaded with Ween, David Bowie, Dead Milkmen, more Ween, Cake, Modest Mouse, and a few others.
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  7. Dr. Mike

    Dr. Mike New Member

    :happy102I love the Dead Milkmen. Punk Rock Girl was my favorite song for a good half a year - Beelzebubba is a great album.
  8. Corey

    Corey Member

    I love Beelzebubba! I've got that, Eat Your Paisley, Big Lizard in my Backyard, and Not Richard but Dick. Such good music that goes under appreciated by so many.
  9. Batmang

    Batmang New Member

    Van Morrison and his "Keep It Simple" CD

  10. Special_K

    Special_K New Member

    After seeing this, I think I will listen to a little Metallica (playlist I put together IMO best songs from Kill 'Em All to Death Magnetic).
  11. Dr. Mike

    Dr. Mike New Member

    I definitely prefer their earlier stuff to their new stuff. Big Lizard is always a classic, but Beelzebubba still remains at the top of my list. Honestly, I didn't really go for any of their stuff after Metaphysical Graffiti. Soul Rotation had just a bit too much of a pop feel for me.

    As to the original post: right now I am listening to some kind of French rock group that my French coworker is blaring.
  12. Infotech

    Infotech Active Member

    I've been listening to a Johnny Cash "best of" CD I picked up at Half Priced Book Store for $5. It has all the greats on it plus a few I haven't heard before. about 27 songs in all.
  13. Minstrel

    Minstrel New Member

    Savoring a single malt and listening to the Doors Greatest Hits......
  14. saltypete

    saltypete New Member

    Yeah just saw that post in the Chatterbox. Never been in there before, I shoulda checked first. Ah well, you live and learn.

  15. Dexterous

    Dexterous Member


    Zero 7 is in high rotation on my mp3 player when I'm at work. The only problem is that I always have this hankering for a Manhattan while I'm listening to them.
  16. RnR

    RnR Member

    Just to be different... today it's NASA TV - as I love listening to astronauts trying to shade-tree wrench a multi-billion $ telescope (Hubble).

    And last night I recorded a group of acoustic guitar pickers (one using a resonator) in a start-up country band. My MOST FAVORITE tune being Four Strong Winds which they only tried once and appparently gave up on - there was a harmonica briefly employed which sounded WUNNERFUL!!
  17. RnR

    RnR Member

    Oh now, that's sweet... hope you got decent audio gear for that kind of audio ecstasy!
  18. CaptainDave

    CaptainDave New Member

    I found a live version of One and not from S&M. Its the first thing I've been listening to at the gym.
  19. saltypete

    saltypete New Member

    There's a pretty good version of One in the 'Liveshit Binge and Purge' boxset.
    I'm not sure , but I think there is also a performance of the same song on the 'Cunning Stunts' DVD. I love Metallica, their music means so much to me and is responsible for the broad and eclectic appreciation I have developed for music of all genres. To me, Metallica is the purest form of music I know and it forms part of the soundtrack to my (sometimes misspent) youth.


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