What are you waiting on to arrive...?

Discussion in 'Show and tell' started by Darkbulb, Feb 17, 2014.

  1. Technium

    Technium Active Member

    A couple soaps from the UK, but the one I'm looking forward to most is the EJ with the diamond cut handle, deeper knurling.
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  2. Technium

    Technium Active Member

    Ha ha. I went out to get the mail and there was a hand addressed envelope. Don't see many of those these days. Turned out to be a five pack of Personna Labs that I'd traded for some Wilkinsons someone wanted to try. So I guess I couldn't say I was "waiting for" them since I forgot they were coming. Nice little surprise. I have to say. I'm very glad to have other folks like you guys who understand the small pleasures involved in our pastime!
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  3. BigMark

    BigMark Tests razors by shaving Wookies

    A pack of Polsilvers, a pack of Silver Blues and a blade bank, I probably should have ordered shave stick as well.
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  4. david of central florida

    david of central florida Rhubarb Rubber

    I got a variety of pirates cove soaps
    I got a puck of rose from the traveling box I like it so much that I ordered more, at three/ four bucks a puck,I ended up picking seven. hope the rest are as nice as the rose.
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  5. JR Reyes

    JR Reyes I scream for....chicken wings??

    I ordered up a pair of custom blend soaps from Kevin @ BSBC. They both will have a little bit of menthol which I'm lacking from my soap collection.
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  6. Technium

    Technium Active Member

    I still need to try both of those.

    Also I had some GoToobs delivered today. So I can buy my glycerine and face cleanser in bulk but have it in nice silicone tubes rather than having giant containers cluttering up the shave space.
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  7. BigMark

    BigMark Tests razors by shaving Wookies

    Same here. I have read good things about both with little negative comments.
  8. Technium

    Technium Active Member

    I give them a big thumbs up. They're on the spendy side for containers, but they are high quality. They feel great in the hand and they're nice and pliable so you can really squeeze stuff out with just a bit of pressure. Just talking about it makes me want to go up and whip up a glycerine enhanced lather just so I can squeeze the bottle. :lyrtuy5:
  9. Shotwell

    Shotwell Well-Known Member

    Waiting on this. Literally the entire description on eBay said simply:


    A seller of few words, apparently. Anyway, this is what I'm now waiting for. A New, unless I miss my guess. Am I right? Kind of a shot in the dark on this one... Bought it without much info to go on except a couple of slightly blurry pics.

  10. Technium

    Technium Active Member

    Ha ha. That's funny. Does look like a promising LC New. Though I don't know many of the mores specific models. Let us know what you find when you open it up!
  11. Jayaruh

    Jayaruh The Cackalacky House Pet

    Supporting Vendor
    I'm waiting on my first Feather blades.

    edit: looks like it is going to be a long wait. it is coming from Thailand. expected delivery... November 13-28.
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  12. icemanwbs

    icemanwbs Well-Known Member

    Awaiting some samples I ordered, some tobs, some after shaves. Should be here Monday !
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  13. Darkbulb

    Darkbulb Cookie Hoarder

    Waiting on:


    (Hey, they were only $5.99 for four:) )
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  14. david of central florida

    david of central florida Rhubarb Rubber

  15. Darkbulb

    Darkbulb Cookie Hoarder

    Not as much as my upcoming review showing them off will be.
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  16. david of central florida

    david of central florida Rhubarb Rubber

    thanks for the warning
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  17. Technium

    Technium Active Member

    Disappointment. Tried to order an EJ diamond cut, deep knurled DE89. Ended up with one called a Kelvin which has knurling more like a Merkur level of quality and has a handle the size of a NEW. Kinda looked like one of the old Gillette travel razors. Too damn small for me. Now I've tot he right one ordered. Was looking forward to taking the EJ for a spin today. Oh well.
  18. ObiDon

    ObiDon member in questionable standing

    We are all relieved that you are getting away from the thongs.:happy102:
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  19. Darkbulb

    Darkbulb Cookie Hoarder

    Same here. Going commando is so much more liberating :)
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  20. Omelmad

    Omelmad My printer email address is..........

    They look very comfortable. I've seen that AS in Sweden. But never really gave it a second thought =P
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