What do you hate about wet-shaving?

Discussion in 'Shave School' started by HUF, Nov 16, 2014.

  1. Theomatic

    Theomatic Member

    Wetshaving makes me see the positive aspects of being two-faced.;)
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  2. GeneralKinetics

    GeneralKinetics Well-Known Member

    The variables are what people love about wet-shaving. You can find what works for you instead of having a "system" forced down your throat.
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  3. Gordy

    Gordy Well-Known Member

    I hate the comments I get from the uninitiated, when they find out how I shave. I don't denigrate others so why others feel they have to with me, is beyond me.
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  4. Doubletrouble

    Doubletrouble Member

    I hate how I now WANT to shave more often. I'm new at the DE shaving game so more practice means better shaves. Eventually I may go back to every other or every few days but for now I am still "practicing" and enjoying it.
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  5. argus

    argus enjoys hairy lady legs

    I just hate I can't try all the things!
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  6. GSlim66

    GSlim66 Well-Known Member

    The thing I hate most about wet shaving is that I can't shave more often. Nothing worse than having a great shave and knowing I have to wait till the next day to shave again.

    I don't know how guys that don't need to shave everyday can handle it. I would use hair accelerator on my face.
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  7. Luziana_Geezer

    Luziana_Geezer Active Member

    The lathering of the soap. Would prefer to have one of those heated shave cream dispensers that were common in barber shops 50 years ago.
  8. Sevenbark

    Sevenbark Well-Known Member

    My skin in the winter. i am going to have to whip up some preshave oil.
  9. sir_mike

    sir_mike Well-Known Member

    I too hate the idea of having to wait for my next shave right after I shave. I also hate that there are a million soaps/creams, razors, blades, AS, etc. that it makes it too hard to figure out what I would like cause I can't try them all. I also hate the saying "It is a personal thing" cause I cant try them all! :)
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  10. Primotenore

    Primotenore missed opera tunity

    Article Team
    Absolutely nothing now. I question what I hated about shaving for 40 years???
    Oh, I know one thing I hate about shaving; my beard doesn't grow fast enough to shave twice a day. :rofl:
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  11. rmcintyre84

    rmcintyre84 Got out of the kitchen

    I'm confused. What aspect of your shave do others denigrate?

    SHAVEWIZARD420 Well-Known Member

    I feel the same way. sometimes I worry about what would happen if this went mainstream. it seems that when things go mainstream they become tainted and loose the cool factor it once had. it would be nice to see more wet shaving stuff at the local store but I think the government would start jacking the prices up on everything
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  13. Crawldawg

    Crawldawg Active Member

    Being brand new to this, I hate that I can't shave more often. But on the bright side I don't hate having to shave anymore, I look forward to it.
  14. bootshaver

    bootshaver Active Member

    I'm with you JR I found DE shaving about three months before separating from the military. Its a huge transition from disposable to DE, however it's coming along pretty nice

    One thing I do hate is the fact that I have to shave everyday but don't exactly have the beard growth to make that possible so this leads to a lot of iritaion
  15. 45auto

    45auto Well-Known Member

    +1 on that.
  16. 45auto

    45auto Well-Known Member

    Why do u have to shave everyday?
  17. bootshaver

    bootshaver Active Member

    Marine Corps regulation I'm afraid. Idk how they do it but higher ups sniff out the un-shaved and....well it's jus no fun for anybody at that point. Believe me I've tried everything to get out of it and nothin worked all they said was to use aftershave
  18. huckelberry hound

    huckelberry hound Active Member

    I hate that I love shaving but I also love having a beared.:angry032:
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  19. HolyRollah

    HolyRollah BaconLord Staff Member

    "That's some catch, that 'catch-22'…."(apologies to Joseph Heller :D)
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  20. huckelberry hound

    huckelberry hound Active Member

    I also hate that I Broke my scuttle yesterday....:angry019::angry021:
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