What do you hate about wet-shaving?

Discussion in 'Shave School' started by HUF, Nov 16, 2014.

  1. billdog2

    billdog2 Well-Known Member

    handling the blades
  2. billdog2

    billdog2 Well-Known Member

    jrjones60, please accept my apology for such a short, curt answer to you question about what I dislike about shaving. my hands shake a lot, so when I clean up or change blades I use refrigerator magnets as much as I can to cut down on the " blood sacrifice". By the way, I take medication for the tremors
    and I have a short window I must "hit" or there is real blood letting, otherwise wet shaving (single blade at a time) is worth the effort.

    Good luck with your shaving
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  3. Shaver X

    Shaver X Well-Known Member

    You mean what do I hate about traditional wetshaving? Nothing currently, otherwise I would not be doing it. When first starting out, I hated that it was so hard to find a mug with a built-in brush holder. I should have just had one custom made.
  4. billdog2

    billdog2 Well-Known Member

    No fuss, no muss, a small bowl out of the kitchen does me just fine and the brush drips dry in the bowl.
  5. jeraldgordon

    jeraldgordon TSD's Mascot

    Can't think of a thing! I enjoy it, and I enjoy being clean, looking good, and getting compliments cause I smell good! I appreciate the pure sensuality of a great lather, the scents, the fine tools... It's a great thing!
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  6. billdog2

    billdog2 Well-Known Member

    I feel the same way, I just have a problem handling sharp objects when my hand starts to tremble. Have fun shaving and God Bless.
  7. Cheechako

    Cheechako Active Member

    Gotta go with this answer...felt a little guilty spending money on razors and accessories until I went along with the wife to get her stuff...holy cow!
    I don't worry a bit about now spending on a new DE or soap. :)
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  8. Metro

    Metro Well-Known Member

    Not enough money to try everything!
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  9. PatrickA51

    PatrickA51 Well-Known Member

    I find that changing my Razor Blade is probably one of the least things I enjoy doing. The blades now days seem to all come wrapped in wax paper or plain paper, not in a dispenser. And being as my hands have a tendency to go numb. I don't get too many nicks or weepers on my face, but I seem to cut my finger a lot. :angry019:

    Razorblade dispenser.jpg
  10. Omelmad

    Omelmad My printer email address is..........

    My "hate" is relating to not being able to shave. It's when I get a minor zit break out or my face just feels bumpy, I know if I shave I WILL get a bad shave
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  11. billdog2

    billdog2 Well-Known Member

    Right on buddy!!
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  12. billdog2

    billdog2 Well-Known Member

    Hi Patrick, may I offer a suggestion. You can find these little magnets almost anywhere (try you refrigerator). Open one end of the blade wrapper, expose the end of the blade and pick it up with the magnet. You can then manipulate the blade any way you want. No touchie bladie. Happy shaving.
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  13. Rusty blade

    Rusty blade The Good Humor Man

    Not too many things I dislike, except perhaps nicking myself :angry032:. And I seem to have developed a mild case of Soap Acquisition Disorder (I know...there are worse afflictions in life). ;)
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  14. billdog2

    billdog2 Well-Known Member

    Well Rusty, I am pretty much a cheapskate! The cheaper the better, if you close your eyes you can`t tell the difference in an ounce of gold to an ounce of lead ..... so I say what the heck, might as well go to Walmart and buy whatever. I do. The fun is in cutting those irritating whiskers to bits! Be happy. Be frugal, I say. Good luck with your soap and God Bless.
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  15. PatrickA51

    PatrickA51 Well-Known Member

    I think most of us suffer from SAD or RAD to some extent.
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  16. chrisf8657

    chrisf8657 Active Member

    For me it's inconsistency of the shaves (sometimes I'll get Razor burn othertimes not) and it takes awhile longer to shave.
  17. billdog2

    billdog2 Well-Known Member

    I used the dread handling the blades, but I have resolved that problem, so I guess the only thing I would really like, is to be able to get a decent shave with just one pass. But like cheechako put it, I like the fine art of wet shaving...... all the prep, shiny tools, etc. I also like to experiment with different blades, razors and technique. 40 or so mins. every morning all to myself, is enjoyable to say the least. I guess shaving one`s face is just a " man thing"
    I also like a little levity once in awhile. Happy shaving and God Bless.
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  18. swarden43

    swarden43 "It's your shave. Enjoy it your way."©

    I don't get it - all the things you love about the shave, including the 40 minutes of "me" time, and you want to get down to one pass???
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  19. billdog2

    billdog2 Well-Known Member

    Of course! it`s a challenge, i thrive on new things to do. I doubt that if i ever get to one pass that it will be a standard thing. Maybe i`m trying to capture my youth or something but my next adventure will be an old gem or pal with a Ted Pella carbon blade (only 6 cents a blade). But we will see.
    Sorry I mislead you in my previous post. I actually look forward to my daily shave. I take medication for tremors and i have to wait approx. an hour and a half for it to kick-in. I fill a cup to the brim with water and hold it level for several seconds to check if i can put a blade to my face. Then it`s "happy hour" for me. Again.... Happy shaving and God Bless.
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  20. shane301

    shane301 New Member

    How expensive it is. ..so many soaps, as, razors, blades, brushes. ..is gonna put me in the poor house.

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