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    07284332-76CC-46F4-9015-793B5990E177.jpeg 28B86334-925D-4B59-836F-5DC4232EBEB9.jpeg 07284332-76CC-46F4-9015-793B5990E177.jpeg Found this rubberset brush the other day. I can find any information or one like it. Does anybody know anything about it?

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    Thanks to @PLANofMAN it looks like a 543 or 544 Rubberset

    543_1 [1929]_small.jpg 543_2_small.jpg 543_3_small.jpg 543-3_1_small.jpg 543-3_2_small.jpg 543-3_3_small.jpg 544_1 [1929]_small.JPG

    Very nice!

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    I've seen a few of them pop up on Ebay.

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