What is the point of all this collecting?

Discussion in 'Welcome Center' started by WhaveDan, Sep 30, 2021.

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    Quite right, on both accounts!
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    First off welcome aboard. Secondly on your collecting question I've fallen back to the same reason a dog licks it's @!#*&, because it can as my justification.
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    As has been said, it’s depends on the person and in my case, there are several layers. One is an interest in the hardware, especially razors. I just really appreciate the variety of design aimed at a single problem. The fact that user-grade vintage gear is so affordable makes it almost an afterthought to those of us fortunate enough to have the disposable income for a collecting hobby. The other layer is honing a skill, albeit a fairly pedestrian one but one that brings enjoyment nonetheless. I like trying new things and learning how best to use them.

    There are lots of hobbies that are way more expensive. I took up flying airplanes when I was in my early 30s for no other reason than I wanted to and I could. I have never had a collecting hobby so this urge to accumulate things is a new concern to me. I’m thankful that it’s inexpensive and lightheaded. I have a tendency to obsess and take things too far but from what I can tell, I’m in good company in that regard. ;)
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    Unlike vintage wood working tools, a razor collection can still be large and fit in a single box.

    Edit: a shoebox, then a contractor tub.
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    I’m not a collector, I’m a user. I only buy what I plan to use. Sometimes I plan to use things for a long time.
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