What is the status concerning "Shaveapocalypse"?

Discussion in 'General Shaving Talk' started by Shave Fu, Apr 6, 2017.

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    The more I think about this, the more it makes sense. Traditional wet-shaving is a niche hobby, and it won't displace cartridges. Re-introducing the Tech is a way for Gillette to be a player in the wet-shaving hobby world, to be seen as more than a mass marketer of disposable items, and to regain a little of the prestige and personality that's been lost as it developed into a faceless corporation. Honestly, I think most of us would be glad to see Gillette back in the marketplace (as long as they plav nice.)
    Also, I doubt AoS would pull the other traditional razors from their shelves, but I wouldn't be surprised if the new Tech became its flagship model. It's like the Corvette for GM - it's flash that gets the masses to pay attention while GM sells the moneymakers. Or, if you like, it's very much the same as corporate beverage companies buying craft breweries, to be a player and get some street cred.
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    Dorco is Vietnam and/or Korea. The Dollar General and Family Dollar brand blades are both 'made in Vietnam', and the indications are that they're the same as the Dorco.. 300? Or similar.
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  3. brit

    brit in a box

    very well explained
  4. Shave Fu

    Shave Fu Shavette Sensei

    Well, better safe than sorry! Let's say that now i have a "safety cushion" or a "starting kit"! :bounce015: I am now at something like 700 blades.


    Now, i must find which blade i like the most and order it in...big quantities... But, i like variety and i know for sure that Derby can't cut me, so Derby is approved whatever my favourite blade might turn out to be.

    Interesting note: Both Arko (boy, this soap is smaller than i thought, but smells lemony even without opening the package!) and Derby cream, have expiration dates 5 years after manufacturing date. So, i think this is a good indication of what minimum lifetime one can expect from creams and soaps before showing any degradation, at least in scent.
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  5. Bookworm

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    Hmm. I have the derby extra green, and I see the blues are 'super stainless', but what are the Yellows? Oh, wait. That's a shaving cream.

    How are the Derby SS, or do you know yet?
  6. Shave Fu

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    You mean the Derbys in the blu box? I had googled about them before ordering and people were saying that they are the same thing as the Derby extra with the only difference that the Derby extra come in 5 blades per pack, while the blue in 10 per pack... I haven't tried them, they arrived this afternoon, i shaved this morning with normal Derby extra. Ok, i just looked again at the package of the Derby blu. The box on the side, says again all the "ceramic-tungsten-polymer bla bla", so i guess in deed are the same blade. But they cost less. They are 200 in the box and costed 12 EUR.

    EDIT: Obviously, later on, i will have to try the rest of the Proraso series, as well as Cella, otherwise they will probably hang me in a town square for high treason. :scared003:
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    I stopped in an AoS in Denver on Friday to check out the scent of the Oud shave cream (nice scent) and I asked about the new Tech. The assistant manager brought out the signage they were supposed to put out before Christmas 2016, but she said Gillette had an issue with the blade gap tolerances from the original drawings and today's modern blades. The signage showed in the upper left corner 1938 and the picture was of a fat handle tech. I find it odd as I have a 1938 fat handle and today's blades don't seem to be an issue nor impact performance.
    I wonder if they have signage and stories to keep us coming back and asking about it in hopes we will pick up something new...like their Oud cream...yes, I bought a tub of it. My wife absolutely loves the scent and so do I.
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    COMPNOR Well-Known Member

    1) I doubt an assistant manager would know the real reason for the delay.

    2) in today's disposable economy and the fact that people overall just seem to be stupid it wouldn't surprise me if people at Gillette couldn't read the original plans.

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  9. John Ruschmeyer

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    The difference wouldn't be one of being able to read the plans so much as being able to translate the to modern manufacturing techniques. The originals were stamped brass; the reproduction would likely be Zantac or,at the least, made using a different process. This would be comparable to the issues that Rockwell has had with its razors.
    The other possibility (and the one that worries me) is that the razor did not test well with focus groups used to shaving with a modern DE.

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  10. Bookworm

    Bookworm Well-Known Member

    If they were working from the original plans, I would expect that they'd be stamping them, even if stamped out of aluminum rather than brass.

    COMPNOR Well-Known Member

    If a new DE razor can help with my heart burn, I might have to look into it. :)
  12. Bookworm

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    Discussed it briefly with my father - a mechanical design engineer - and he doesn't see why they'd be having an issue producing them out of brass, especially if they have the old designs. The machines are almost apples and oranges vs what they had to use in the 1910's.

    Heck, I have a knock off single ring that appears to be good enough to use as a blueprint :)
  13. Shave Fu

    Shave Fu Shavette Sensei

    No, but omeprazole sure can. :)
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  14. John Ruschmeyer

    John Ruschmeyer Well-Known Member

    Darn you, autocorrect!
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  15. John Ruschmeyer

    John Ruschmeyer Well-Known Member

    Personally, I agree. We live in an era where it should be possible to take an original one and duplicate it to within nanometers. Is it possible that they would use a different process for a relatively small-run product? (It was supposed to be an LE.)

    This is why I worry about the second alternative. A Tech is about as simple as it gets so it should be easy to copy. As for the "modern blades" comment; it seems to me that blade thickness, at least, should be similar to what was around in the late 30s. OTOH, that particular style of razor (thin baseplate) seems to be relegated to low-end DE razors while modern razors seem more like Thor's hammer in comparison. I'm wondering if they handed a remade Tech to a focus group who disregarded it as cheap junk.
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  16. jmudrick

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    FWIW the Tech was introduced the year after the Thin Blade.

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  17. Shaver X

    Shaver X Well-Known Member

    I was told that the patent drawings were used for the new razor. Although "original", there might be some variation with the blueprints used for the production razor. Time to toddle back down to the Art of Shaving near me and see if I can find anything out. Most of the guys there are enthusiastic wetshavers, and were really looking forward to getting the razor in stock.

    Gillette made the Super Speed and Super Adjustable razors well into the 1980s. Surely they must have the blueprints for those somewhere.
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  18. Shave Fu

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    Now, i can say that i am much better informed compared to when i started this tread and the blade situation here, is what i would call precarious. There are basically, 2 online local shops who sell blades and only one has the more "rare" (like the russian ones, except for Astra). One of these shops is bassically also 1 of the 2 sellers in Amazon, the other one being an Italian from Sweden, who sends the blades through normal post service with no tracking (which i hate profoundly). The last source is ebay, where again most of the time tracking isn't available. So basically, 2 local shops are the only options, unless i want to start dealing with bulgarian ebay vendors and no tracking... Currently, none of them has Voshkods and Shark Super Chromes. If these 2 shops were to close, the only other Amazon source, would be the guy from Sweden. Imagine, that the biggest (and i think only) local DE forum, has made conventions with shops even in Ireland, Portugal, Germany and UK, so that members can order from there at lower prices... Bottom line: I will be soon at 1200 blades, but since 400 are Derbys/Bluebirds, i consider the "good ones" 800. I will stock up with more of the "easier" to find and cheaper blades (Astras, Dorcos, Sharks), just in case. Because if the 2 shops were to go kaput, blade resupply would become much more annoying for me. I like to have shipment tracking info and preferably low prices. This is only possible with local online shops. Hence, better safe than sorry.
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  19. Shave Fu

    Shave Fu Shavette Sensei

    Weishapocalypse!!! The end is nigh!!! I have a 2nd Weishi FL on order in Amazon. I check on my order, to see why they haven't sent it yet and i realize, that not only did i get the last Weishi FL, but also that ALL Weishis except from the short handle F are not listed anymore in my Amazon. When i click "buy it again" on my previous Weishi, Amazon says "we don't know IF and when this product will available again in our stock!" :shocked003:

    So i go to the german Amazon and the same! I go to the UK Amazon, the same, except that they also have a black Weishi! THANK GOD i ordered the 2nd one! I hope i will get it! Is this Weishi stopping production or what? No other shop in the country sells them! If i knew Weishapocalypse was coming, i would have ordred a 3rd!

    I 've got to order more blades. NOW!
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  20. Bama Samurai

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    Google "Mehaz Razor" - I think you might be interested.

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