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Discussion in 'General Shaving Talk' started by Terry, Aug 11, 2018.

  1. Terry

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    Wet shaving along with others who share in TSD has taught this old dog some new stuff.
    Only 6 months into it, here are my leassons learned.

    First that shaving does not have to be nasty.:) I can shave, no problem no blood, bumps, or rashes, none.

    Sharp blades (feathers) are the only type that work well on my face wiskers.

    Slant razors don't pull and tugg my wiskers as much as the linear type and help any blade I use work better.

    Shaving my head using a DE razor is not only possible, but best for me, every day.

    There is a difference between soaps and creams I like and work.

    A pre shave oil with caster oil in it helps.

    There are differnces between DE blades.

    The 2cd pass on a 2 pass shave isn't the problem with issues on my neck, the 2cd lathering is the reason for the irritation.

    My skin is so tender and my wiskers so tough, cold water shaving before a shower works best for me. Whood a thunk it? :confused:

    The hair on my head is different than the hair on my face. So I found I need a different blade/razor combonation than the one I use on my face.

    There are after shave lotions that don't inflame the face but help your skin, and they work.

    A clean razor is the best razor. I clean my razors and rinse all gunk off blade after every use, every time, no exceptions.

    Open comb razors may or may not be more aggessives, but they do let the lather and cut wiskers flow away from the blade during the stroke better than closed comb or saftey bar type. Making blade clogging almost impossible, this seems to make the razor and blade more consistent durring the shave.

    Using a brush to apply shaving cream is the way to go. It makes coverage even and feels great.

    Using a disposable razor is a long past habbit, I have gladly given up, forever.

    Oh, and the DE razors might not look as killer as a straight, but hanging in a rack they look really cool by the brush on the shelf.

    So far, that's where Im at.

  2. PLAla

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    Terrific observations, Terry! I think we all want comfortable and irritation free shaves, no matter how we get there. Your choice of razor and blade, soap or cream, aftershave or balm, alum or witch hazel, or any or none of the above is strictly personal. Use what works for YOU!

    TSD is a welcoming and open forum and I enjoy the acceptance of so many styles and choices in our shaves. As @swarden43 was fond to say (might be paraphrasing) - It's your shave. Enjoy it your way!
  3. BigMark83

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    Tip - If you only shave your head blades and software will last longer ;).
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  4. Terry

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    Considering how much is left up there, yes, they would last a very long time.:)

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  5. Macktheknife

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    I've learned I change my mind frequently about what works or what is the quintessential gear.
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  6. Ron R

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    Great write up on your experiences, I also enjoy traditional Safety razor wet shaving more now than with disposable cartridge razor systems because you have great varieties of blades & coatings and different razors and you can tailor shave to your wishes, almost forgot to compliment the use of different varieties of brushes and the feel to the face.
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