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Discussion in 'Razor Restoration' started by Ice-Man, Mar 15, 2020.

  1. Ice-Man

    Ice-Man Well-Known Member

    I will start this off with one I have just finished today.
    Grah & Plumacher Silver Ring, it does not have the original scales due to the person I got it from dropped it on the floor. And snapped both scales on the pivot pin which is a pity but it still looks good.

    But here it is
    20200314_184536.jpg 20200314_185055.jpg 20200314_185424.jpg 20200314_185704.jpg
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  2. lightcs1776

    lightcs1776 Well-Known Member

    Love the scales!

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  3. Ice-Man

    Ice-Man Well-Known Member

    Thank you, Chris!!! Lucky it came with them, but I have seen other makers using them.
  4. Enrico

    Enrico Popcorn

    Beautiful work!

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  5. Ice-Man

    Ice-Man Well-Known Member

    Thank you, Enrico!!!
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  6. Ice-Man

    Ice-Man Well-Known Member

    This is the next one I'm working on Grah & Plumacher Black Diamond Wedge, as you can see the back scale is cracked across the pivot pin so new scales needed.

    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg
  7. Keithmax

    Keithmax Breeds Pet Rocks

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  8. Ice-Man

    Ice-Man Well-Known Member

    Thank you, Sir!!!
  9. Ice-Man

    Ice-Man Well-Known Member

    here is the update of the Black Diamond Wedge, just needs honing and then its good to go. But I will be trying to better the scales as this was a test to see if it would work and it has sort of. So here she is Grah Plumacher Black Diamond....

    Stripped and sanded and a polish

    20200329_035756.jpg 20200329_035834.jpg

    The tang has been reblued

    20200329_124054.jpg 20200329_124112.jpg

    Now for the scales

    20200329_214317.jpg 20200329_214341.jpg 20200329_215611.jpg
    20200329_214410.jpg 20200329_214555.jpg

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  10. Enrico

    Enrico Popcorn

    :happy096: Great looking!

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  11. DaltonGang

    DaltonGang Ol' Itchy Whiskers

    Can you go into detail on how.you did the scales??
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  12. Enrico

    Enrico Popcorn

    Trade secret. ;)

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  13. Ice-Man

    Ice-Man Well-Known Member

    Thank you Enrico!!!

    I bet this has pricked one's interest but it was trial and error that seemed to work, but I'm still not happy with the result as of yet. Once i master it then i might let my secret out.....:happy005::happy005::happy005::happy005:

    Thank you Enrico you beat me to it :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
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  14. Keithmax

    Keithmax Breeds Pet Rocks

    :bounce017: :happy096:
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  15. TestDepth

    TestDepth Well-Known Member

    Beautiful idea and execution! The smoked clear really allows the lettering to stand out... love that contrast. :eatdrink047:
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  16. Ice-Man

    Ice-Man Well-Known Member

    Thank you, Gentlemen, I enjoyed doing this one seeing it was trial and error, but here are some better pictures that were taken in daylight. Sorry about the dust on the scales in the first picture...

    5.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg
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  17. SilverSwarfer

    SilverSwarfer Well-Known Member

    Fon K-3 Golden Star
    My 1st foray into replacing scales. This one cane with cracked scale shown here. I read up and watched a few vids. Grabbed my tools and jumped in!
    The hardware I got was varying in levels of polish. Some luster was lacking so I broke out an old gunsmithing shortcut I used in the past.
    Put an old brush head on my Sonicare toothbrush, trimmed the bristle and applied some Simichrome. 2min buzz and I had myself a shiny matching collar.
    6DAB666E-EC7C-4D22-9C61-7768D2A30B03.jpeg Here’s the finished product. I received the camel bone scales in a little rough condition. The spacer was just a hunk of micarta so I had some work cut out for me before drilling and tap-tap-tapping my way to a tight installation. Broke out my box of sandpaper and went to town. Bone scales enjoyed a 320-400-600-800-1500-3k progression. Final touch was a 0000 steel wool scuff. Very pleased with the finish. The wedge cane out pretty rough. I just went to town on some 80 and 150 grit paper and got the basic shape roughed out. Simply secured it with some Scotch double sided tape, then drilled and proceeded with the peening. I wasn’t expecting stellar results and the final product is far from perfect. But it came out quite nicely for me in my house. Had a lot of fun with this project!

    This blade is far too small for these scales. Eventually I’ll redo the job and find appropriate scales for this razor. Overall I’m designating this as “Mission Accomplished,” because I proved I can do this and I built a foundation of experience to draw from for my upcoming projects. Glad I decided to dive in and figure this out!

    I included my tools in the final pic in hopes somebody else might benefit. I spent a solid 3+hrs trying to figure out what I need. I think this kit is just okay for starters. Cheap, functional, adequate. I had zero frustrations in working with the required materials here.
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  18. TestDepth

    TestDepth Well-Known Member

    Very nicely done - looks great! The Fon has a new pair of shoes. :eatdrink047:
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  19. SilverSwarfer

    SilverSwarfer Well-Known Member

    Hey thanks Tom!
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  20. Keithmax

    Keithmax Breeds Pet Rocks

    Well done !
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