What Straight Razor Did You Use Today?

Discussion in 'Straight Razors' started by lindyhopper66, Nov 30, 2013.

  1. Chuck Naill

    Chuck Naill Well-Known Member

    These little Feather SS's are the best.
  2. Montalvani

    Montalvani Well-Known Member

    Thank you. My Japanese razors supersized me for that exact characteristics at the beginning of my experience with it and given the fact I was used to the Dovo soft blad. But now that I’m more competent I shave more at easy with them. But If the Hoshi tomb has more or less the same stiffness and cutting power that a Feather professional as blade, them I’m not interested because it demands a shave extra careful, it’s not enjoyable for me.
    Thank you

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  3. Montalvani

    Montalvani Well-Known Member

    I was longing desiring to shave with it but with a Kai pink mild blade. Since I bought Kai pink mild blades and used it In my SE hawk2 With great pleasure (it’s very sharp/efficient and very smooth at same time) that I wanted to try it in the SS SR. It’s gave me a wonderful closest and easy shave! I can get a good shave with the feather proguard too but not with the feather professional because it’s to aggressive, one light pressure or angle mistake and draws blood. Kai pink mild are the best I’v tried.
    Thank you

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  4. Keithmax

    Keithmax Breeds Pet Rocks

    That is the great part about SR, you fine tune you edge to what you want. I like a very sharp edge so I prefer razors with hard steel and fine grain that can take a really sharp edge. A properly honed SR will not only be sharp but feel smooth.
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  5. Montalvani

    Montalvani Well-Known Member

    My feelings too in some way. I Prefer a hard steel with a very sharpe edge but with a very light grind like Thiers Issard razors and also my japoneses. But now and then I like to change to a Dovo softer steel more flexible and less cutting efficient in each pass but with a very kind touch. And in reality my Dovo got so sharp that I once cut myself in a light N-S movement totally unexpected. What I don’t like is a combination of sharp hard and stiff edge/blade. That’s what happens with the feather professional blade, and that is how I imagined the Hoshi tomb after reading our mate saying it requires very low pressure or else will draw blood, it’s unforgivable.
    So quite agree with you. We can chose the mechanical propriety of our SRs edge and change between different sets according to our mood. Last night with the feather ss I was in the mood for a slower and more focused shaving and also with the help of the Kai blade coating end up with a fast premium shave.
    Kind regards
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  6. Karl G

    Karl G Well-Known Member

    This Geo Wostenholm Pipe is nearly identical in shape, size, and grind to my prized 1941 Russian. With the exception of the Russian sporting a hint more of a smile they are look alikes. Not surprisingly, it shaves nearly as well. It’s been out of action for some time with a broken scale that I super-glued back together as a temporary (?) fix. Clean and smooth - minimal touch ups for a wonderful shave. :happy036:

    Hot water preparation
    T&H Ultimate Comfort PSO
    Geo F Trumper Limes
    Romera Wengue Chubby Manchurian Badger
    Geo Wostenholm & Son 5/8
    Thayers Witch Hazel Rose Petal

    Geo Wostenholm 5:8 TH GFTLi RW TWHR.jpeg

    Happy shaving - Karl
  7. Chuck Naill

    Chuck Naill Well-Known Member

    This was my first SR last year I got from a vendor named JR. It was honed using a film progression. Later I used a Thuringian, but after several shaves realized I prefer a diamond edge. Recently I took it back to the .5 and .3 mu films followed by 200k diamond paste on balsa. As a result, I have my Marcella back as it was after I honed it the first time.

    The width is 11/16. The is a Leo Koch's Barber Supply razor.


    Leo Kochs Barber Supply chairs are highly sought after.
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  8. rs_776

    rs_776 Well-Known Member

  9. Briscoe

    Briscoe Well-Known Member

    Rasoir Sabre Russian Bear
    Vlasta Chubby Boar
    Barrister and Mann Adiago Shaving Soap
    Sandlewood Preshave Oil
    Pinald Clubman Aftershave

    Second shave with this razor, did a fantastic job cutting through a five day growth. I will be posting more now that my wife is complaining about me not shaving everyday since retirement.

    Enjoy your evening gentlemen![​IMG]

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  10. Chuck Naill

    Chuck Naill Well-Known Member

    Salamander hollow grind.

    Did several laps on diamond last night and got my best result to date from this edge.
  11. Steve56

    Steve56 Well-Known Member


    Shave 14 on the Filly 14 Sub Cero edge longevity test - no noticeable fall off yet, perfect shave. Cream was AdP lathered with a PJ3 Super that I usually use on hard soaps, and a little AdP balm topped off a perfect shave.
  12. Karl G

    Karl G Well-Known Member

    I hadn’t noticed the pronounced Velcro ripping sound this razor produces but I sure did today. Baby smooth result and another fine shave from an old reliable. :happy036:

    Hot water preparation
    AOS Lavender PSO
    Jeff’s Mystic Water Lavender
    T&H Wellington Super Badger
    Nielsen’s Never Fail 5/8
    Thayers Witch Hazel Rose Petal

    Nielsens Never Fail 5:8 AOS MWL TH TWHR.jpeg

    Happy shaving - Karl
  13. oscar11

    oscar11 Well-Known Member

    Puma 22
    Dr. Jon's
    homemade badger
    Myrsol Limon

    I ran across this Puma for a very fair price. This was a well cared for tool, it shows mild usage has a nice patina and shaves like all get out. Have a good one.
  14. Montalvani

    Montalvani Well-Known Member

    Today I could stop buying shaving products (except for the soap Nuavia the best for I’v tried and yet didn’t bought) but probably won’t stop.

    This shave was one pass atg starting N a ending S (it’s more effective stretching the skin from S to N) with touch up. Super BBS. And that’s it. I could dye knowing I’m in heaven.
    The cream is Equivalenza 269.
    The Straight is the most beautiful and efficient in the world.

    Wish you all great pleasure

    Kind regards


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  15. Keithmax

    Keithmax Breeds Pet Rocks

    :love055: Wow, that is one fine looking razor.
  16. Edison Carter

    Edison Carter Goo-bloomin' Stankster

    Love it!
  17. Jayaruh

    Jayaruh The Cackalacky House Pet

    Supporting Vendor
    Saturday Straights' Shave

    Cold Water Rinse
    Van Der Hagen Deluxe Shaving Soap
    Jayaruh #375 Synthetic
    Classic Samurai
    Dove Men+Care Post Shave Balm

    My prep was just a cold water rinse. The Van Der Hagen Deluxe Shaving Soap face lathered well with the Jayaruh #375 Synthetic brush. I did two passes with the Classic Samurai razor with a Personna blade and ended up with a close, comfortable shave. After a cold water rinse, I finished off with Dove Men+Care Post Shave Balm. I am clean, smooth, and refreshed...
  18. Montalvani

    Montalvani Well-Known Member

    Thank you

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  19. lindyhopper66

    lindyhopper66 Well-Known Member

  20. Edison Carter

    Edison Carter Goo-bloomin' Stankster

    Beautiful razor.

    Can you tell more about it?

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