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Discussion in 'The Good Life' started by KcHighLife, Oct 13, 2013.

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    Anyone on here who might be interested in a snuff trade? I have more 6 Photo Super Chetak than I really need and would like to trade for something new that I haven't tried.
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    Let me first say: I don't use Snuff. Now, I was hesitant to accept this as a safe form of tobacco use, until I read up on it. Now, I would say, if you are smoking cigarettes, and wish a safe alternative, snuff should fit the bill. From what I have read, there have been many studies that failed to link snuff usage, with any known health hazard.
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    I'm not a fan of any smokeless tobacco. But, this site give no evidence, or examples of Inhaled Snuff being harmfull, other than nicotine being addictive.
    The moist tobacco is bad for you, as far as "Dipping". I know friends who have gotten gum cancer, mouth cancer, and esophageal cancer.
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