What's your preference regarding jimps?

Discussion in 'Straight Razors' started by Rusty blade, Nov 16, 2017.

  1. Rusty blade

    Rusty blade The Good Humor Man

    Jimps...those tiny grooves on the upper and/or lower side of the tang. Wonderful little invention. Kind of like traction grooves on the tang. Improves grip. I prefer my jimps on both sides, but at very least on the bottom. I have a few razors with no jimps and I realize I don't like those razors as much. When did manufacturers start adding jimps on straight razors? What's your preference regarding jimps?
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  2. Jim99

    Jim99 Gold Water Shaver

    I don’t know when jimps were first introduced, but I prefer a razor with jimps over those without. It’s not a dealbreaker for me, but if I’m on the fence, I’ll take the one with the jimps.
  3. DaltonGang

    DaltonGang Ol' Itchy Whiskers

    I prefer jimps, at least on the underside. It aides me in stropping. But, if it doest come with them, then so be it.
  4. Spyder

    Spyder Well-Known Member

    I have some with and some without. I prefer jimps, but would rather have a thumb notch.

    Jimps we’re introduced August 27, 1902. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it :D
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  5. Billyfergie

    Billyfergie The Scottish Ninja

  6. Bama Samurai

    Bama Samurai with Laser-like Focus Staff Member

    Be the bevel.
  7. Keithmax

    Keithmax Breeds Pet Rocks

    I prefer jimps top and bottom with a thumb notch but will use razors without these.
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  8. mrchick

    mrchick Odd, Terrible Avatar

    I don’t know that it really matters to me. I’ll pay attention for the next few shaves and see.
  9. TestDepth

    TestDepth Well-Known Member

    At the risk of the new guy using a very poor play on words...

    And in the immortal words of Jay-Z... I am all about Big Jimpin’. :)

    Too soon???
  10. JazzDoc

    JazzDoc Well-Known Member

    Jimps are great. Really an aid in the shave but especially while stropping. But quite a few of my old Sheffield straights don’t have them and they’re some of my favorite shavers.

    I wonder, if you’re not a collector/purist/originalist, can jimps be added to a straight razor, and if so, who’d do that?
  11. DaltonGang

    DaltonGang Ol' Itchy Whiskers

    Gun checkering tools would be needed.

  12. JazzDoc

    JazzDoc Well-Known Member

    Interesting, @DaltonGang. I’ll have to read up on that.
  13. HolyRollah

    HolyRollah BaconLord Staff Member

    Given a choice, I'll take both jimps and thumb notch on a razor.
    Not essential to getting a great shave from a razor, but I prefer with rather than without.
  14. dangermouse

    dangermouse Well-Known Member

    Jimps - an extra space to trap moisture and rust your shiny razor :o
  15. SRNewb

    SRNewb Well-Known Member

    I prefer jimps. If they are on both top and bottom, that's a plus.
    However, I have a couple of heavy grind/near wedge razors with a fairly hefty shank that work just fine without them, so to me it depends on the size and weight of the blade whether it matters or not. YYMV, and probably will. :p

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