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Discussion in 'General Shaving Talk' started by poppi, Mar 28, 2020.

  1. poppi

    poppi Well-Known Member

    is your favorite shaving supply country? Do you prefer England, Germany, Italy or ?????

    As for me, for established large companies, I prefer Italian products such as Proraso or their supplied CO Bigelow . As for Artisian, give me Stirling or Cold River Soap Works.

    What say you?
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  2. stingraysrock

    stingraysrock PIF'd away his custom title

    Germany. I must have my Speick, Pitralon, and Tabac!

    I am too lazy to go upstairs and look, but wherever Nivea shave sticks come from, I need those too.

    Also, Turkey; I must have Arko!
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  3. brit

    brit in a box

    mass produced italian-proraso,tfs, german-speik,tabac,klar seifen..england-tobs ,t and h-artisan -many countries..
  4. Tallships

    Tallships Well-Known Member

    Maine U.S.A. here. except for my razors I'm fairly international with shaving supplies. my favorite soaps: Tabac, Cella, Arko
  5. Slash McCoy

    Slash McCoy Well-Known Member

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    I can't pick just one. India for Godrej cream, red tube. Turkey for Arko. Italy for Proraso. China for giant silvertip brushes that I can actually afford. China for Gold Dollars, too, my favorite cheap razor. Germany for the iconic Bismarck #2 and it's successor the Dovo Bismarck. USA for Union Spike and Genco. USA for strops cause I can make a nice strop for a lot less than I can buy one.
  6. Lancre

    Lancre Well-Known Member

    I can't pick just one. Turkey, USA or Russia for blades; USA, Italy, or Germany for creams; USA or UK for soaps;Portugal or Italy for brushes; USA (vintage), UK, or Germany for razors.
  7. steve207

    steve207 Well-Known Member

    So far it's been Germany and the usa and a couple from england and Japan for blades
  8. Ksblazer

    Ksblazer Well-Known Member

    Glad I don't have to choose only one country to buy shave products from.

    But if I were forced too. I'd probably pick Italy as well.

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