Which Shavette did you use Today?

Discussion in 'Straight Razors' started by Bama Samurai, Feb 6, 2018.

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    Never tried a SR or shavette.how are they? Are they hard to learn? I don't have one yet and am a little afraid of them but am thinking of trying one...maybe....
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    This shave dedicated to one @Terry , who word has it, has caved in to your humble servant's incessant carnival barking about this wonderful 'plastic doodad' edge forward shaving device.

    Welcome to the Focus R21 Evolution revolution. May you find the same pleasure in yours that I found in mine.

    Go ahead and load one of those Feathers in there (I like GSB) and start low and flat to the face. Start your stroke low and tip up the angle easy till you sense it cutting. Keep the water and the tunes off because the audio feedback is subtle because of the recessed blade holder.


    Was a little pressed on time so IM-Bombed me some Barbasol let down with water in my bowl.Only went for 2 easy passes, one WTG, one ATG. Rinsed off andgenerously splashed on my dad's favorite, Aqua Velva. Walkedaway feeling great. Not an issue, but I could've let the Barbasol down a little more.

    Have fun, be safe.
    If you like it as much as I do we can start up The Max HeadroomChevette Shavers Assn :cool:
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    If you go slow, easy and dedicate the time up front. I think you will find it rewarding, safe and pleasurable.

    I started with straights and was a little afraid of my first shavette shave. Caution is your friend.
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    Shavettes are more unforgiving than straights. I started with shavettes and it helped me with technique so that after 16 shaves the transition to straights was smooth. I didn't have a problem at all and had very few minor cuts and weepers that encouraged me to continue. Presently, I have 68 shavette and 68 straight razor shaves and have enjoyed it. You will cut yourself, but in time, they will not occur as often. I would watch YouTube videos for guidance. Also, feel your stubble to know in what direction it grows so that you will shave with the grain. Take slow and deliberate strokes and you will do well.
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