Why the importance of scent?

Discussion in 'Shave Soaps' started by Der Koenig, Jan 15, 2018.

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    Well said. You could also make the food comparison. Why don't we all just eat protein pills with a fiber shake? That would get the job done. The senses play a vital role in many aspects of our life and make it (life) so much more enjoyable. If that makes me a "girly man"---so be it.
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    Exactly, plus back in the day a man's personal scent was the aftershave, or cologne he chose to wear. That's why commercial shaving soaps scents didn't linger very long.


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    Wanna start a club? I guess I’m a girly man too. I can’t wait to tell my wife.
  4. wchnu

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    Liking a scent is not girly...my comment was about all the added stuff in soaps to make them feel better. Most guys seem to want all that stuff in their soap. Has nothing to do with getting a shave. The older soaps did not have all that stuff. It is not needed for a good shave.
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  5. Troy M

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    I like my shaving soaps to smell like soap...
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  6. wchnu

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    do you like all the skin stuff in them. Or a solid older style soap?
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  7. Troy M

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    Mainly enjoy harder soaps that last a while
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  8. wchnu

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  9. LevelupShaves

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    Not even going to lie I’m a sucker for a nice post shave feel. I would go so far as to say it’s the most heavily weighted thing for me with a soap. That being said I don’t really care how it has a nice post shave feel just that it does. It’s the reason I still use Williams the lather is okay and it has no scent but it has a pretty nice post shave feel and at that price point that’s surprising. Neither VDH or Col Conk can come close to Williams’s post shave quality. Most soaps in this price point are drying not a fan.

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  10. RyX

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    Back when soaps had tallow, and cows were afraid? I'll use a veggie soap, but I lean towards animal fat based. Haven't tried bison, but lanolin is good old sheep grease.
    Yes! Creams seem like a short cut to lather. They are just prehydrated hard soap. I haven't done the numbers on cost per ounce but I'd rather buy the soapy ingredients of a triple milled puck than a tub or tube with water added.
  11. wchnu

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    Lol. Scared cows....I like that.
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  12. chevyguy

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    Williams was drying to me until I figured out how to lather it. It just took more water, and a little patience.


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  13. Der Koenig

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    I am really looking forward to land some oldschool hard soaps now.. As well as delicious ones you want to eat..
  14. Ijustmissedthe50s

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    Cool and thought provoking thread!
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  15. EnglishChannel

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    I'm surprised that no one brought up AROMATHERAPY - look it up! :happy102:

    Seriously though, a good scent is an enjoyable experience.

    I remember when my Dad was still around, he always kept his vehicle spotless inside and out, AND smelling good too.

    He really liked " new car scent" air fresheners. My daughter's use car fresheners all the time. But not so much with keeping their cars spotless.

    I wonder if anyone has made a shave soap in "new car scent"?
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  16. RyX

    RyX DoH! Staff Member

    You might be on to something there. From Amazon, "New Car Scent" is available. Don't know how well it'll blend with unscented shave soap.
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  17. ralphs007

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    I'm sorry but I don't agree with you.If they want for taste,I could have a nice little snack while I shaved.:happy102:
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  18. RyX

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    I've heard of "lathering" with peanut butter. This stuff might be good for dry skin?
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  19. brit

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    a nice scent to me is part of the shave.if i have a quick morning shave before work,usually mid week,i just use a good cream like nivea blue tube and synthetic brush,basic gillette tech razor .then i wear a casual cologne or edt. evening shaves i go the whole hog ; special razor,good hard soap or croap, badger or boar brush,matching aftershave etc. it doesn t help the lathers performance but enhances the whole shave for me.
  20. canoeroller

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    As to why a pleasant scent is important, I offer a simple thought experiment, close your eyes and imagine........skunk scented shave soap. :shaver
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