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    If I see a watch band that I like, I'll pick it up even if it doesn't quite fit the watch I want to go with. For example, a lot of old 18 mm bands would look great on a watch with 20mm lugs, but the fit is obviously a little sloppy (looking at you, Mr. Bond).

    For under twenty bucks shipped, you can get 700 piece kit of various o-rings. The smallest is 1/8 by 3/64. If you place one of these on each end of a watch pin, they take up the slack and center an 18mm band between 20 mm lugs (or 16mm on 18mm lugs, 20mm on 22mm lugs, whatever--pins are always the same diameter, which is what counts).

    One of my Invicta divers is now sitting very nicely on a 1960s stainless expansion band that I've been saving until I figured out a way to make it look like it actually fits. Now it does.

    There is a limit. The lugs and band have to be within one standard size of each other. The Rolex in "Goldfinger" looks to have had a 16 mm strap (possibly the most common size back then) which isn't going to be fixed this way...gaps are too wide. I suppose you could double up the o-rings but that's what it's going to look like. Or just live with the mismatch as you blow up heroin flavored bananas.
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    Interesting idea. Would be even more interesting with pictures.

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