WSP Formula T Tobacco Shave Soap review

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    This review is for the Formula T Tobacco shave soap by Wet Shaving Products. I’ve so far used it twice and I will say it is an excellent budget friendly shave soap. Here’s my opinion on the Model T.

    Scent: the scent of tobacco is front and center, but not so much that it becomes over bearing. I personally love a good tobacco scented soap and aftershave; so I was very pleased with the scent of the Formula T. It’s very nice and enjoyable.

    Slickness: The slickness of WSP Formula T is top notch. The lather is so slick it’s both slick and slippery. Slickery if you will. When building a lather on the soap you really feel the slickness of the soap. You sometimes will feel like the soap container will slip right out of your hand so you have to make sure you have a good grip on it. My razor glides with this soap and I’ve had no irritation from this soap so thumbs up there.

    Cushion: the cushion is ok but nothing to write home about. I find I have to work up a little extra lather to have a voluminous lather that would be cushiony to my liking. I find a little extra lathering (I face lather) and building the lather in layers works best. Usually 2 layers will suffice.

    Performance: this is where the Formula T really exceeds my expectations. 5 seconds after loading the soap with a partially damp brush produces a ton of lather. 15-20 seconds of loading and I get a thick creamy lather. However as I mentioned in the cushion section I have to build the lather in layers on my face to get a thick enough lather. For the price this soap goes for (about $15 on Maggard Razors) it works extremely well. I don’t have any problems with the performance of this soap because as I said earlier my razor glides on my face without skipping or tugging.

    My current opinion of this soap is that it’s definitely worth checking out. If you’re looking for a super slick lather that’d give Stirling a run for their money I will say give the Formula T by WSP a spin. Just keep in mind you’ll have to layer the lather on your face a little bit for exceptional cushion. The scent of tobacco is pleasant and enjoyable; definitely not overwhelming like some tobacco scents can be. For $15 for 4.7 ounces of product that performs very well is quite reasonable. In my opinion, give the Formula T a spin; you’ll be amazed at what it can do. I recommend it.
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