WTT: Catie's Bubbles, Mike's Natural, Razorock, and Tiki

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    Hi All,
    Here are some soaps that I'm looking to trade for:
    1) Catie's Bubbles Glace Herbe: 95% full at the least, (only lathered 6 times). Scent just doesn't work for me: Looking to trade it for Soap Commander Vision, Strop Shoppe SE (with Tallow) Rosemary Mint, or Strop Shoppe SE Unscented.
    2) Mike's Natural Pine & Cedarwood: Unopened Bar; the scent is a little too strong for me; will trade for Mike's unscented or Mike's Rosemary Peppermint
    3) Razorock Fresco: 85-90%: open to suggestions, but will trade for some more-used RR XXX or Mudder Focker
    4)Tiki Tallow version "Salty Air", 90% (it's not in the original container, which is why it looks more empty): Scent doesn't work for me. I've added 2 drops of Wintergreen EO and 2 drops of Rosemary and Peppermint EO to this, but it hasn't changed the scent profile that I can tell- Will trade for Barrister and Mann Cheshire, the Mike's Soaps above, or Mickey Lee's Soapworks soaps.
    Any other questions, feel free to ask or to make other suggestions.
    NOTE: I'm up in Canada, so that will affect shipping; other Canadian members, this might be a chance for you to get some products you've been wanting without the extra shipping.
    Soaps for sale.JPG
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