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    A few soaps of mine aren't getting used so I was hoping to trade for some others.

    I have the following for trade:

    Caties Bubbles - Ocean Grove (95% left)
    Caties Bubbles - Un Jour Gris (Used 4X)
    Stirling - Glacial Obsidian (Used 1x)
    Shaver Heaven - Drogon Noir (Used 3x)
    Tiki - Set Sail (95% left)
    Tiki - Citrus Mint Blast (NEW)
    Shannon's Soap - Lavender Lemongrass (Used 2x)
    Maggards - Lilac (Used 2X)
    Maggards - London Barbershop (Used 3X)
    Maggards Premium - Tobacco & Leather (NEW)
    Mystic Water - Jasmine (Used 1X)
    Mystic Water - Marrakesh (NEW)
    PAA - Bay Rum (Used 2x)
    PannaCrema Labdano (NEW)
    Penhaligon's - English Fern non Tallow (New)
    Reef Point - Test Depth (Used 2X)
    Razorock - Zi Peppino (Used 1X)
    HTGAM - The Beach (Used 2X)
    Cella - (Used 3X)
    WSP - Matterhorn (Used 3X)

    Looking for the following:
    Aqua di Parma
    B&M - Lavanilla, Hallows, Vetyver Santal
    BWW - Barnacle Bob
    Bufflehead - Tishomingo, A1A
    Catie's Bubbles - Tactical Support, Cape Cod Cranberry, Tonsorial Plus, 95 Liquid Labels
    Chiseled Face - Ghostown Barber
    Cold River Soapworks - Citrus, Winter, Spiced Amber, Barbiere Sapone, Bois Floraux, Jardin d'Orange
    Country Club for Men - Yacht Club
    Gingers Garden - Enigma
    Jabonman - Vetiver Haiti, Rose Bourbon, Dama de Noche
    Mei├čner Tremonia - Himalayan Heights, Exotic Elemi, Salty Sea Sage, Black Beer #1
    Mickey Lee Soapworks - Grand Havana, Cape Verde
    Mikes - Barbershop, Orange Cedarwood & Black Pepper
    Pre de Provence - No. 63
    Queen Charlotte Soaps - Cubano Breeze
    Reef Point - Earl Gray & Ginger
    Saponificio Varesino - Felce, Manna, 70th Anniversary
    Shaver Heaven - Arctic Mango
    Shannons Soaps - Bay Patchouli Grapefruit
    Soap Commander - Fortitude, Courage
    Soap Smooth - Frozen Cranberry
    Strop Shoppe - Black Tie
    Sapone di Paolo - Creamy
    Tims Soap - Columbia River
    Tabula Rasa - Steampunk
    WSP - Ol' Kentucky

    After Shave
    B&M - Leviathon
    Folsom - Shady Past
    Country Club - Frozen Vetiver
    PAA - AL Fin

    Other Offers Welcome!
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