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Discussion in 'Skincare' started by FortWayneShaver, Jun 17, 2014.

  1. FortWayneShaver

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    For those of you out there who are in the same boat as me, and are trying to use more natural products, be it shave supplies, body wash, food, etc..., my wife and I found a great product. It's called Yes to ... in this case Carrots. There are also Blueberries and Tomatoes. As a face wash, I don't know that this can be beat. Does a fantastic job of cleaning up the 'greasiness' of my forehead and leaves my face nice and smooth. It's great before a shave, but also nice and gentle after one, too.

    It's a bit costly, at around 9 bucks for 6 ounces, but for a natural product it's pretty good. Anyone else out there tried this, or one of the other products?

    Have a great day, all!
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  2. fram773

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    I use this:

    $3 for 12oz for a product that is basically a solid. So lasts pretty much forever and it's been around forever. I don't care that it isn't natural. Pretty much everything we use isn't natural. Ever try one of those natural dishwashing soaps? Absolute garbage. Or try treating diseases with just herbs.Or natural deodorant/antiperspirant without aluminum (doesn't work). I think the word "natural" is an overused marketing term used to get people to pay more money for a thing that doesn't work as well. Keep in mind castor seeds are natural- does that mean you should eat them? natural stuff has all sorts of chemicals in it too.
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  3. FortWayneShaver

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    We do use the natural dish washing soaps, as well as natural body washes, natural laundry detergent, and even natural deodorant (and no, neither of us smell like some 1960s hippie). I think it is all about finding the right product, rather than just any product. And I totally respect anyone's decision to use whatever they want. We just want to get rid of some of the bad things we can control.

    And treating diseases with herbs isn't that weird, not that we do it. But think where nearly 60% of our medicines are sourced. Most come from the Rain Forests in either South America of Africa. As a geography and history teacher, I have done a lot of learning about other cultures that are much healthier than ours, and many of them do not use our "modern" medicines. We are especially trying to clean ourselves for the sake of our daughter. I'd like her to grow up in a healthy environment.

    Like I said above, I will respect anyone's opinions, as long as they are convicted in that opinion.
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    In our house we have an even blend of natural and man made goods. Often times the natural made is more costly. What is all comes down to is personal choice. No one should be criticized for what way they lean.
  5. Mr. Shaverman

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    Hate to say it Fram, but Noxzema's pretty damn natural:
  6. fram773

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    I'm glad to hear it. All the more reason to get it and proof that one doesn't need to pay $$$. If I read a label and don't know what a chemical named there is I assume it isn't natural. Interesting that isn't marketed as "natural" or "organic" or whatever the "in" marketing terms are now a days. If it were I would guess they would hike the price to double or triple it's current price despite it being identical.

    It helps for me that it is made locally.
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  8. Mr. Shaverman

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    Most cosmetics are made with natural ingredients. It's the the additives and preservatives put in to keep bacterial growth down or to keep consistency/moisture in the product that are the problem.

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