Yes! You Can Shave More Often!

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    Happy Tuesday From Florida!

    About nine years ago, or thereabouts, I joined others in wondering what it is that I could do that would require me to shave more often.

    I have found one possible answer; go get yourself some horemone replacement therapy!

    I am 47, and now know that I have suffered from low testosterone for years. In February, I went to a clinic and had testosterone pellets injected under the skin of my right hip.

    Wow! I am totally jacked up now! So much so that I have gone from getting away with shaving every third day, to needing to shave every day!

    There are other benefits that I am enjoying though, besides shaving needs; use your imagination here...

    HRT has totally changed my life. I went from being 47 to 17 in just a few days. I am going to need to increase my blade supply for sure now!

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