Your suggestion for a complete Preshave/Shave/After package brand?

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    I don't know of any U.S. brick and mortar store chains other than Art of Shaving devoted exclusively to shaving supplies. L'Occitane stores have some very good shaving products, and The Body Shop sells Maca Root Shaving Cream. Products from these places are upscale (i.e. expensive), but worth trying at least once. Van Der Hagen shaving soaps were once widely sold in drugstores and supermarkets. They are harder to find now, but are still available online. The Deluxe Shave Soap and Luxury Scented Shave Soap are quite affordable worked very well for me. If there are any Indian grocery stores near you, they often have good quality shaving products at bargain prices. Shaving with a safety razor is still widespread in India.

    As is the case for many other things, much of the traditional wetshaving commerce takes place online. You have a world of products at your fingertips! Maggard Razors has a large selection of products, as do Try A Blade, Italian Barber, Amazon and many others. As time goes on, you will find the products and retail outlets you like the best. There are quality products for every budget.

    Target! I forgot that one. That is a great suggestion, as they also carry other quality shaving products. Large chain drugstores often carry Cremo, too. Nivea aftershave balms have worked well for me, and are widely sold in brick and mortar stores.
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    Great suggestions. Forgot about those!
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