Zorrik Super Platinum made in Bangladesh

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by Etoyoc, Nov 13, 2011.

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    While on the 2nd Annual Blade Bank Hunt we came across a vendor that a number of Dorco ST-300s and hair shaper blades and some really sketchy DE razors with uneven silo doors. However, in a jar on the counter was several boxes of Zorrik blades that stood out for being intriguing. For the most part the only Zorrik blades that you see on eBay or online vendors are the Zorrik Super Stainless. I know that the Super Platinums exist, but what I could find online all had a different style box. In addition, instead of being marked made in India, they were marked made in Bangladesh. Now the blades are marked NEW. Maybe they are new. Maybe they are old stock that have been sitting around in a jar on a flea market counter for years. However, here is a picture of the blade wrapper:


    I spent quite a bit of time trying to find any information about this blade online. I came up with nothing, Not knowing what to expect and the Zorrik Super Stainless having such a bad reputation, I loaded it in a very mild razor for the initial test run. Being TTO week, I chose a gunmetal Weishi.

    There was no tugging, there wasn't really any sound of whiskers being cut. If I didn't see stubble on the razor each time I rinsed it, I wouldn't have thought the blades were sharp enough to cut or even tug.

    Results from day 1: very smooth, comfortable shave. Not BBS, but I wasn't going for BBS today. Tomorrow I will load the blade in another razor to see what it does. At the moment, the blade is certainly worthy of more investigation.

    Anybody else run into this variety of Zorrik blade?
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    Sure have! :biggrin:

    Ok, funning aside, I'm glad they started out well.
  3. Etoyoc

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    Day 2:

    Used a NEW today and got an excellent shave out of this blade. Smooth, comfortable, and close shaving. These are not the sharpest blades out there, but they will certainly hold their own with many of my usual blade choices. The blade held up well for 2 shaves. Now, lets see how many shaves it can get.
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  4. Thanks for that, I have never experienced a surge zorrik, I hope soon to have this experience ...
  5. Etoyoc

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    Day 3:

    Still going strong....
  6. Etoyoc

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    Day 4

    4 days in 4 different razors and still getting good shaves out of the blade. On the ATG pass I can feel that the blade is starting to to turn. But I bet it has at least one more comfortable shave in it.

    For the right price, I would now order a 100 or more of these. However, so far the only place I know to find them is in the jar I got this pack from. At $2 for 5 blades, I am not buying bulk. They aren't that good. But as the same vendor had Dorcos at that price (or more expensive) then I would guess they can be found cheaper. It is just a matter of finding them someplace. Maybe I will get a chance in a month or so to see if that vendor has any boxes of 100 at a good price.
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    Day 5 and the blade is still going...
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  9. Etoyoc

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    Thanks, I had already contacted some other vendors and I am waiting to see their response. Yes, encure has the stainless for $15; however, other vendors have the stainless for under $10. Due to the quality of other blades that I can get at the $15 range, I don't know how much more than $15 I would spend for these particular blades. In regards to the platinum blades from UK, I have not been able to confirm if the ones available in your other link are the same blades. Amazon UK has those as well. They are mentioned in a few posts in the British and other shaving forums. However, on those forums the platinum zorrik blade is regarded as a terrible blade. The packaging is different and as far as I can tell the forum posts state that they are made in India like the other Zorrik/Vidyut blades; whereas I am trying to find the Bangladesh version.

    The super-max platinum blade feels and shaves very similar to this blade. So another purpose of my fishing expedition is to see if it is the same blade made in another country but the Zorrik label instead. It really would not surprise me. However, my understanding is that although Vidyut, Zorrik, and Super Max are the same overall company, they are supposed to represent different levels of blade quality. The stainless Zorriks were pretty much the middle level blade. The Super Max stainless is supposed to be on another level with the super max platinum being the top blade of the line. These Zorrik Platinums hold their own very well with the super max platinums. But then again, I may have pulled out the freaky super blade from the pack for my testing.

    They are a very good blade. I was able to get six 3.5 pass shaves (extra pass on neck each day). However, ATG on the neck is getting less comfortable and effective so I will call day 6 the limit for this blade. However, that makes for 21 passes. If I saw them offered at a vendor for under $20 per 100, I might get a box. At about $15 I certainly would get some. However, for $15 you can easily get the Super Max Platinum, Astra Platinums, Voskhods, Rapiras, Ladas and many other excellent blades as well.

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