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test Jul 31, 2011

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Sep 14, 2015
    1. 45auto
      I am having a hard time getting tapatalk working tapatalk says tsd is not available however b&b and srp is,can you help?
      Take care.
    2. rmcintyre84
      For some reason (don't ask me why, cause I don't know) I put my wife's birthday in my personal info. Could you change my birthday to April 29, 1966? Thanks.
    3. oscar11
      Sparky, I'd like to be a vendor (this site exclusively) . I do not have a web site and I do not want to be a free vendor. I'd like to pay my way. I'd like the opportunity to list new brushes in the classified section and I suppose maybe straight razors. Would it be possible to work out some type of arrangement. Thanks, Steve
    4. J.F. Martin
      J.F. Martin
      hello sparky, I've gone over the vendor rules and meet the requirements. I would like to ask for your approval to become a vendor here. let me know of any questions or concerns.

    5. KnockOut Shave
      KnockOut Shave
      I would like to apply for vendor status. I think that I have met all the requirements. Please let me know what I must do to proceed. Thank you.
    6. AKASL
      Hi Sparky,
      I would like to apply for Vendor Status. I believe I meet all the requirements. If you have any questions please PM me.
      Thank you,

    7. Cool Breeze
      Cool Breeze
      While looking through the classifieds I noticed it allways says that I "have insufficirnt priveladges to respond" why is that?
    8. Littlemax
      Sparky; I joined a few days aog. Is it possible to change my username from Pat Palmieri to Littlemax? Thanks for any assist.
    9. rube7072
      I want to go to the freeby place to give away some wilkinson blades. I found it thru rules, but cant figure out how to go there. Can you give me clue?
    10. johnus
      Hi. Johnus here went to post 3photos in 'haul' section . Clicked this forum and they came up as attachments and not photos?? What did I do wrong? Thanks
    11. Codfish
      I like the refined quality of this community, and plan to be more active here. I'm spending time today exploring the site and learning the posting, editing and communications functions. You will see me here daily from now on. Great looking site, too.
    12. hoglahoo
      looking good. I'm impressed with the simple look of the site. no need to reply
    13. sparky5693
    14. kimsonvu
      I couldn't contact with you. What is going on? You already to change your email address?
    15. Issy
      Is my site going to get killed when you change software? I know it has been bare for awhile but I have been Ill and am now getting better. Got any requests for soap?

    16. drmoss_ca
      Thanks, he hasn't tried us yet, but is sure to do so when he runs out of other sites! You're out of PM space so I thought I would reply here.

    17. dougr
      Hi Sparky and thanks for getting me on the website as I have been enjoying the information from the bloggers. How can I find out how to get a picture on my page. I tried to download one from my computer but after it showed up on the page the next screen indicated that it failed to load? Thanks, Doug
    18. shawn
      i have a old razor just looking for help with age
    19. Kamamuri
      Hi sparky5693 from spain.

      I'm a new member (08-09-09) and I'm looking for the "want to buy" section but I can't find it. Could you help me?

      Thanks a lot.
    20. Kamamuri
      Hi sparky5693 from Spain.

      I'm new in the save den (untill 08-09-2009) and I'm looking for "Want to buy" section but I can't find it. Could you or somebody help me? Thanks a lot.
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