Two Brothers - Part 12

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    This is the twelfth in series about the "Life Stories" of two Gillette razors.
    A new installment will be presented approximately one to two weeks after the prior article has been posted.

    If you are new to this you can follow the series from the very beginning.
    The articles that preceded this one can be seen in the following links:

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    Eleventh Article:





    To be continued...
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  2. fishcrow

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    Great story, :happy096::signs107:
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  3. Slipperyjoe

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    Every time I looks at that picture now, these images of about a million rare vintage razors in the back of that delivery van, keep flashing in my mind..:eek:
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  4. sincity

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    Great story!

    I joined TSD to learn about straights, but your story has made me want to go both ways. I belive a DE is coming my way to...
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  5. Slipperyjoe

    Slipperyjoe Rusty Metal Tetanus

    Now you got me wondering about what ever happened to my old razors from the seventies. Don't think I chucked them out..hmmm...
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  6. Slipperyjoe

    Slipperyjoe Rusty Metal Tetanus

    Maybe my old razors are in the back of that van...

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