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It's March again! :bounce017:

PIF em, if you got em!

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One man's vision: A perfect straight razor shave, everyday.

I like self sharpening razors and I have long been an advocate of advancing razor design, so now that you know I am already somewhat biased...

"Look Sharp, Be Sharp, Feel Sharp," is the first thing that popped into my head when I heard about the BornSharp razor. After all these years, that old Gillette advertising jingle still has the power to evoke strong feelings among shavers.

Over fifty years have passed since Gem, Star, EverReady, and Rolls Razor conceded defeat and shuttered their doors, vanquished by the twin giants, Gillette's Double Edge razors and Schick's Injectors. But, like a phoenix from the ashes, a new, modern single edge razor is rising to take their place.
BornSharp is the brainchild of Steve Worthington, an avid wet shaver himself. According to his bio on the BornSharp website, Mr. Worthington is "a trained mechanical engineer with a passion for aviation, classic design and exceptional grooming for men." This razor was not designed in a vacuum though, he was also "joined by a team of engineers and industrial designers who have refined the idea of the BornSharp shaving system."


To view the razor by itself is a mistake. It is a full shaving system. Clearly inspired by Mr. Worthington's 20 year's experience straight razor shaving, it is a self contained, self sharpening razor. I personally would have rather seen a design that embraced current double edge or single edge blades, but I can understand why he choose to follow in the footsteps of the venerable Rolls Razor and Wilkinson Empire razors. He choose the wedge shaped blade profile because it works well and has a much higher durability factor than the thin blades found in modern (and not so modern) razors. A simple removal of four screws will give you access to the blade for deep cleaning or replacement.

This is not just an updated copy of the Rolls Razor. One of the features that I find appealing as a traditional wet shaver is the BornSharp's ability to be adjusted.The user can set their preferred level of blade exposure. A modern adjustable single edge razor is something that many wet shavers have wanted for a long time, but never thought they would ever see. (The BornSharp system automatically adjusts the set blade exposure to account for the miniscule amount of edge removed during sharpening).

One can also adjust the level of blade sharpness. This is the feature that the BornSharp razor hangs it's laurels on, and is also the feature I view with the most skepticism. According to the BornSharp website, "the user can change the sharpness of the blade... [by] increasing or decreasing the sharpening time." This will allow a range of sharpness from disposable razor to "old fashioned straight edge sharp." Presumably, the moderate setting the razor ships with is equivalent to an average DE blade. Does it give you a sharp blade each and every time you use it? I don't know. I've never used it. I have absolutely no reference point to fall back on when talking about this razor. For all I know, the edge on this thing could range from "rough edge of a tin can" to "it will split atoms if you look at it wrong." Mr. Worthington has assured me that the edge on the BornSharp rivals that of a straight razor, and I'm inclined to believe him.

My biggest gripe with this razor is (or rather was) the polished handle. While this looks nice, in reality, it often becomes slippery while dealing with water and know, while shaving. But, you can use your own handle! "Any standard razor handle with #10-32 thread - a standard imperial 19" (5/32) will work. Handle sizes from 3 3/4" to 4" can be used. The supplied handle is 3 3/4". Longer handles require removing the black rubber plug in the sharpening port (the plug is there specifically to accomodate longer handles.)" So, it will fit almost all Gillette style handles...which is fantastic news.

Price. This is the kicker. At $470 (or $370 through the indiegogo fundraiser), this is not an impulse purchase. At least not for the average wet shaver. The campaign slogan for this razor is "Get it before 007 does;" and that is the group this razor is currently aimed at. If you drink Macallan 25 year old single malt, drive an Aston Martin, or own a home with more than 4 bedrooms, you need this razor. Even if it doesn't live up to it's claims, it will still be better and cheaper than that plastic 5 bladed piece of garbage you drag across your face every day in homage to Gillette's advertising dollars.

For the average wet shaver (i.e., any long term member of this fine forum), this razor is, at best,...