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Discussion in 'Skincare' started by Indetail, Nov 4, 2017.

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    Hey there, Long story short the very first time I shaved was at about 14-15 and it was with a 6 bladed razor, I made mistakes like going over the area multiple times, and I didn't really shave with the grain, because my facial hair is un-tamable and I physically can't find the grain even though I brush to try and tame it every day, and I've switched to a 2 bladed razor and I still get absolutely atrocious bumps under my chin only, I make sure to use a facial scrub with salicylic acid and had used aspirin prior, I try to be extremely gentle because they vanished for a while after I let my facial hair grow back out and I can't do anything to these ingrown hairs because Absolutely none of them come out after I steam the area with a hot rag or are even poking out to begin with, its very painful to even touch the area gently with my hand, making it moist helps some, also its particularly bad on my left side of my neck area. Makes me feel almost disgusted at myself because I try to go through all the necessary procedures but end up like this, I think the biggest problem is my facial hair has no direction at all because the bumps are patchy so I'm hitting at least some of them correctly but a majority grow in the wrong way.
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    Welcome @Indetail! I think you are on the right track. Face mapping the direction of your beard growth, and using less blades. Shaving is about Beard Reduction, not removal. When the cartridge razor is mashed against the skin it tries to cut the hairs below the surface. Having unruly or curly facial hair contributes to the problem. The hairs can't find their way to the surface.
    Most folks with these issues find comfort by accepting that they have unruly beards. Try shaving with less blades in a safety razor? Instead of a flippy floppy self leveling multiple blade cartridge with glide strips and bumpers - look into a Double Edge (DE) razor. When you shave with only one blade that you control the angle and make less passes across the skin = Less bumps (from hairs cut below the skin surface) or razor burn (from the blade scraping off the skin surface).
    I hope this info helps!
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    When I was your age, I rubbed milk on my face and let the cat take care of it. Things will get better as you mature. You might want to take a few days between shaves and let your face rest. Cold water shaving also helps reduce irritation. Definitely, get yourself a DE razor. One blade = more control. If you PM me your address, I will send you a mild DE razor.
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    Hello and a BIG Welcome!! I have just recently switched to DE shaving I was having similar issues but not so severe I did have ingrown hairs and irritation. I have switched to a DE razor and shaved every day for almost 2 weeks now and it has been nothing but an improvement. Less irritation and I have not had issues with ingrown hairs anymore. And over the past couple weeks as I have worked on my shaving technique the irritation has become less and less. The crew here is amazing and have been the best help. But remember technique is key!
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    @Indetail welcome to The Shave Den!

    Check out the 30 Day Rule/Focus group. The party there never stops. We're all there to improve our shaves and have fun. New shavers and all questions are always welcome! Beware of shenanigans and bad jokes, though! Take up @Jayaruh on his offer of a mild DE razor. All you need, then, are DE blades. You can get 100 Astra SP blades on Amazon for less than $10, and they are fine blades. DE blades are sometimes available at your local drug store, but they are more expensive there. Or you can PM your address to me, and I'll send you a few different brands of DE blades to try.

    You can get started with whatever canned shave cream you're currently using. You might want to pick up some aftershave balm if you don't have any. Nivea Men's Sensitive Post Shave Balm is good, and it is available at places like Target or Walmart. Later, you might want to get a brush and either shave soap or a shave cream to replace the canned shave cream.

    With gear in hand, join the 30 Day Crew! You should see immediate improvements, and you'll have a pretty solid technique after about 30 shaves.
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    Welcome @Indetail, you’ve come to the right place. I also had much irritation from multiple blade razors, not so much of the ingrown hairs. But I never got a good shave with them either. A mild de would probably be the best bet. Working on mapping your face was a great place to start. It takes practice and time to get it right.cold water works to help reduce the irritation also. Sometimes just a cold water finish rinse could be all that’s needed. Just ask questions along the way, there are always people willing to help.
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