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    This happens to be another razor we don't know much about except people buy them with no idea or care for the history behind them. This thread will try to put together as much information based upon ads and other sources to infer the order they were produced in, what years they were made and so on and so forth.

    First piece of misinformation these razors were always called Krona razors. The were always called Schick double edge razors except in 1967 when they produced the Eversharp razor. Depending the year they were packaged with different blades hence the Eversharp name for one variation or Schick name. The only year we know for sure they were referred to as Krona razors is in 1968. Whether that holds true from 69 - 77 I do not know right now since they packaged the Schick razors with different blades depending the years.

    From 1965 - 1967 the razors were packaged with Schick stainless steel DE blades.

    In 1967 they were packaged with Eversharp double edge blades, this set also coincides with the grey handle Eversharp Eagle razors.

    In 1969 or 70 through at least 1974 you had 2 distinct packages and razors the metal knob razors were packaged with the Krona edge blades and the plastic knob versions were packaged with the super chrome blades. It looks like they varied the pricing on each by changing the amount of blades included with each razor.

    From 1975 - 1977 best I can tell they stopped selling metal knob razors except for the gold plated ones known to have been sold in 1976 for the bicentennial. If they produced gold plated razors in other years I do not know.

    So with that the production years for these razors were 1965 - 1977. We also know when they changed the metal knob styles from short to long no later than 1967 when they produced the Eversharp razors based upon the ad record alone. Whether they also changed them on the Schick razors is unclear but we do know that 1968 they did for sure.

    Next post will cover the actual timeline.
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    Full page ads can be viewed as attachments

    Here is the first instance of the Schick DE razor being sold. The first variations had short metal TTO knobs.
    Ad from the Times Jul. 15 1965. There is no mention of these razors in 1964,

    In 1966 they are still selling short metal TTO knobs as shown here. The switch over either happen in 66 but not later than 67.
    Ad from the Times Feb. 17th 1966

    Here is the first and last year they changed the brand from Schick to Eversharp, this coincides with the Eversharp Eagle razor and since we know this came with only a long metal TTO knob then we know for sure 67 is the earliest confirmed year for this change in razors.
    Ad from the Oakland Tribune Feb 9th. 1967

    In 1968 they switch back to the Schick brand and they also introduce the plastic knob razors this year as shown in this ad here.

    This year sold the Krona chrome blades packaged with both the plastic TTO knob razors and metal ones.

    From either 69 or 70 on they switched that up as seen in ads from 1973 here showing how they packaged each

    First here is metal knob versions packaged with the Krona edge blades
    Ad from the Asheville Citizen Times Jun. 6th 1973

    Ad showing the plastic tto knob packaging with the Super Chrome blades
    Ad from Wisconsin State Journal May 24th 1973

    In about 74 or 75 it looks like they stopped selling metal knob razors except in the case of the special bicentennial gold plated razor sets sold in 1976. Final year they sold these razors were 1977.
    Ad from the Tennessean Mar. 3rd 1977

    If you want to get into the gory details about when each manufacturing revision happened based upon all this see this thread here.

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    The link in the second post contradicts your statement in the first post that they were never called Krona razors. In the linked ad the razor is in fact called a Krona razor.

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    I also want to ad to this upon further research they were also selling Schick branded DE razors concurrently with the Eversharp Eagle in 1967. They sold them either in the plastic travel cases or cardboard blister packs with the razor and stainless steel DE blades packaged together.

    Here is an ad from 1967
    Ad from the Central New Jersey Home Jan 1st 1967

    If check ads later in the year you'll still see these being sold but in the plastic travel cases. It is unclear if these Schick DE razors had short or long metal TTO knobs still but by 68 we know sure the Schick DE razors switched over to long metal tto knobs.

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    Correct but only for razors produced in 1968 through? as you see in later ads they aren't called Krona razors and they do differentiate them by razors and blades packaged with each. I will update the first post accordingly.
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    Did you come across and ads for the Platinum?

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    I am pretty sure that razor was never produced in the US. When I find them for sale they almost always being sold by European sellers though my understanding is they may have sold these in Canada too. I will check some Canadian papers see what shows up.
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    Upon further research it looks like Super Chrome or Krona Chrome were either different edges or finishes but either way both were individually referred to as Krona blades so I will go with both sets were most likely Krona razors. We can look at some of the markings on the doors on the razors produced after 68 which was can date for sure by the lifter mechanisms which they changed when they went away from the Gillette ones to their own patented version.
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    Precursory look says no for this razor being produced in the US or Canada.
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    Here is how I would differentiate the razors as whether they are a Krona or not.
    IMG_1116.jpg IMG_1117.jpg

    The 3 on the left have the older lifter mechanism, the 3 on the right have the newer lifter mechanism.
    The left 3 which are the 2 short metal knob Schick versions and the Eversharp Eagle. They are not Krona razors since they would predate 1968, they also have no markings on the doors on the heads.
    The 3 on the right are Krona razors since they coincide with the Krona brand name being associated with the razors. Notice they have the newer lifter mechanism and notice how the doors are marked on them.

    That leaves us with the long metal knob razors. They based on this will fall into Krona or not Krona.

    First the not a Krona long metal knob razor. These most likely are 1967 or early 1968 before they are rebranded as Krona razors. See how the lifter and door heads are common to the 67 and earlier razors.
    68a1.jpg 68b1.jpg

    This long metal knob razor should called a Krona, notice the newer lifter mechanism and writing on the doors. This style should be a 68 - 74 possibly late as 77.
    IMG_0258.jpg IMG_0260.jpg IMG_0261.jpg
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    I forgot I had written this up elsewhere when I owned all the Krona and pre Krona variants but I had compared them by shaving them against each other and found they come in 3 distinct types of shaves. To really appreciate the difference you need stretch your skin to feel the difference in aggressiveness or have leathery skin to begin.

    These were my conclusions then updated now to show how they line up with the timeline.

    Shave variant No 1 my guess is they only produced these in 1965
    least mild

    Shave variant No 2 1965 - 1968

    Shave variant No 3 1968 - 1977

    The first split is between the pre Krona Schick and Eversharp double edge razors and the Schick Krona double edge razors.
    The pre Krona Schick and Eversharp double edge razors were still mild but more aggressive than the Krona double edge razors which were the mildest razor produced of the 3 types.

    For the pre Krona Schick razors there was one variant I could never lock down the exact production year that was the most aggressive of the Schick double edge razors produced. It is still mild but along the lines of a Gillette red tip Super Speed type of mild.

    First the pre Schick Krona double edge razors produced between 1965 - 1968

    Shave variant No 1 is the only razor with the +Schick+ logo on the short metal knob. My guess is these were the first production run razors produced in 65 only. Also this is the only one that has 111 stamped on the base plate which if those numbers have some sort of sequential significance then 1 would precede the others.

    They only came with a short metal knob and older lifter design. They looked like this.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Shave variant No 2 produced between 1965 - 1968.
    These had the short and long metal knobs with the Schick logo with the triangle and the older lifer designs. These also included the Eversharp razors produced in 1967.

    These are examples of what they looked what they looked like.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Finally shave variant No 3, the Schick Krona razors produced from 1968 - 1977.

    These were the Krona razors with the newer lifter design and came in both metal and plastic knobs.

    This is an example of what they look like.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    One other thing to add for posterity in case that google book link stops working here is a scan of the same ad from 1968 which also shows the first reference to these razors being rebranded as Krona razors and the first instance of the plastic knob versions. Also notice on the plastic knob razor in the ad that it has the newer lifter design.
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    I’ve used a Krona for ove half a century. Thank you for the great commentary and history. My Grail Quest is to find a Krona Centennial Edition. No luck thus far. I’m hoping I may find one or be put on the trail of one at the Shaving Collector’s Convention in West Chester, Ohio this October.

    Enjoy your shaves,

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    Just look for gold plated razors if you just want one to shave with and not the whole set. If it has that newer lifter design you know for sure it is the right razor to that set even if you can't determine exactly what set it was originally in.

    I would also suggest on the BST here and any other sites you might be a member of to post a WTB listing for the set or razor without the set.
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    My original razor was purchased at the MCX at Lejeune in 1969. I currently own an Eversharp Krona with the grey handle and an Eagle image at the base along with a newer model with Krona engraved on the outer doors. My original had a metal base, but the Schick logo wore off the base. So you’re saying the Centennial should have the engraving on the doors?

    Enjoy your shaves,

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    I don't know what engraving it will have but look at the lifters on the base plate that lift the door. Any razor with the newer design which you can see in those pictures will have been made 1968 - 1977. As far the engravings all I can ascertain they don't show up on the razors until they switched over to the Krona brand. Did they engrave them all the years afterwards and what type of markings for each year I have no idea.
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    I did finally but first I want to link to this thread since it has everything I think is known about these razors so far.

    The hint is the Canadian set has the name Eversharp associated with it. Means it has to be 1970 or earlier well I found the razor in an ad dated to 1967.

    This ad is from the Windsor Star Oct. 17th. 1967

    Full page ad attached. So we can say unless find evidence of this razor being sold without Eversharp branding then the possible date range is 1967 to 1970 depending which market it was sold in. Based on that thread this style razor was sold in Canada and Holland and Japan for sure and possibly other European markets. There is no evidence of this being called a Schick Platinum in the Canadian market so that name most likely only applies to ones sold in Europe which do show up with that name on the case. The Japanese one was called a "Schick No. D60".

    Here are some pictures of my razor which is most likely a European market one.
    sp1.jpg sp2.jpg sp3.jpg

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    Awesome! Thanks for digging in a little more!

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    Here is an example of the European version that is branded as a Schick Platinum from that above thread.
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    Here is a better full page ad with the 1967 date in the margin for the Canadian version of this razor. I haven't found any evidence of this razor being sold in Canada past 1967. With that said the European of Japanese market razors may have been.

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