The Gem Didn't Do it For Me

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by jay_gatz, Sep 4, 2021.

  1. BBS

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    Coated blades tend to mellow out after the first shave. You can palm strop the blades which usually will take care of that prior to the first use. If you want a really smooth shaving Gem style blade use the carbon steel blades. Only issue with those is maintenance since they will rust if left wet between shaves.

    Even though the majority of people tend to recommend using the coated stainless steel blades there are at least 4 variations, 2 in stainless and 2 in carbon steel that are viable for shaving.

    I'd also recommend and would for anyone who is new to or hasn't done so get a sampler or 2 of blades from tryablade to dial in what you like best.
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  2. twhite

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    I am a Carbon Blade guy.
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  3. BBS

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    I like them also, I am just too lazy to use them on a regular basis when I do use Gem style single edge razors.
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  4. twhite

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    With all of the talk of the 17 tooth MMCP. I just got one from the Bay for $11 total. It is crusty right now. It will make for a nice project after I finish honing some blades.

    As received

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  5. jmudrick

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    That's a lot of crust for the money

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  6. twhite

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    Yes it is. It is soaking now. I will take my Dremel and nylon wheel to it with some polish paste this weekend.

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  7. Enrico

    Enrico Popcorn

    It's a lot cleaner than the one I bid on ...... I was tempted to continue to bid, but I liked the looks of the Bullet better. A little less Art Deco and more Industrial Flash Gordon.

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  8. Enrico

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    But Gary the Gem ads are absolutely art in themselves with Peter Arno and Herbert Roese. I liked them enough to start collecting it.

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  9. jay_gatz

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    It is great art...

    IMG_0359.jpg IMG_0366.jpg IMG_0367.jpg
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  10. jay_gatz

    jay_gatz Well-Known Member

    I noticed that with tonight’s shave. I was paying more attention, and in the Shovelhead, the blade had mellowed and was as smooth as a spoiler. Will try a new blade on the next shave, same razor, but will palm/forearm strop it. I can’t see having to start every new blade with the blade rough and continuing to use the Gems, so something must work for folks. Bast difference between shave one and shave two though. Night and day.
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  11. Enrico

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    Used my Gem Micromatic bullet tonight and started out thinking this has a lot of blade feel and saw the tiniest of weepers. Thought to myself this can't be right so looked at the blade alinement and sure enough saw that instead of the blade being behind the blade stops it was on top of them. After a small adjustment shave went beautifully. One pass smooth as glass.

    Thanks for the post and the urging that prompted me to try another Gem ..... It's definitely a keeper.


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