The original Gillette safety razor from 1904

Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by Adelio, Oct 9, 2012.

  1. Jim99

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    The double ring has always been on my wish list.
  2. mrchick

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    I've found that these black silver plated razors usually clean up nicely. I would try that before sending it out. This one might look great polished up.
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  3. PLANofMAN

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    Looks like a double ring to me. Nice score!

    If you do anything to it (replating) it will probably not affect the value, but I can't say for certain. Straightening any bent teeth requires heating the razor with a torch, which will ruin the plating, so that will have to wait until or unless you decide to replate it. Don't be tempted to give it a wiggle with a pair of pliers. It might work, or it might break the tooth off. Brass gets brittle with age, and heating it is the only way to remove that brittleness.

    Edit: most of the time replating Gillette razors adds to the value of the razor, but for double rings, the situation is a bit more fluid, since they have historical and collector's value above and beyond any other Gillette razors. I would definitely do the baking soda and tinfoil trick before attempting any sort of polish.
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  4. preidy

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    The baking soda process works wonders. I've done a DR and 5 SR (several black as coal) and all shined up nicely. Of course it can't fix any plating issues but the patina will be removed.
  5. preidy

    preidy Just call me Dino

    My 1904 DR with major patina. Pics #2 nicely cleaned up after baking soda treatment. It's in great shape mechanically but the plating has been flaking so I've decided to have it re-plated in Silver. It's going to see Chris in 2 weeks.

    IMG_1345 - Copy.JPG
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  6. The Daily Blade

    The Daily Blade Active Member

    I want to thank all those that responded. I do appreciate it. I think before doing anything to this DR, I will try the foil/baking soda on a single ring with stripped threads that I have laying around just to get the feel. I also just scored a 1920 Old Type with Bulldog handle (posted elsewhere on this forum of course) that needs the same treatment, will go that method as well
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  7. The Daily Blade

    The Daily Blade Active Member

    It arrived today! So stoked. It is a genuine 1905 Double Ring with serial number (VERY hard to read) 79129. No cracks in handle which is great, some plating lose on teeth it appears and there are 2 bent teeth. Anyway, here are the pics!

    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg 8.jpg 9.jpg 10.jpg
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  8. Bookworm

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    ooooh. Don't mind the puddle, it's just drool.

    I'd be taking it to a jeweler and having the teeth straightened and the plating refreshed. It's JUST dinged up enough to not have that nagging "I should leave it as I found it!" feeling. That should be used! :)
  9. MattOfCleveland

    MattOfCleveland New Member

    I noticed this thread was about vintage safety razors ,I think i might have a contender as I've been into them for a while. Its a 1904 gillette in its box W/ blue cloth carry bag, does anyone have any more info on if this one?.And if and how i should clean it?. I found it in my attic and have been interested in shaving with classics since. :) {{Look at that patina}}

    (((more pics to come))) Thanks. gillette2.jpg gillette1.jpg
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  10. Jayaruh

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    I finally got my double ring on June 8. It has straight teeth and no cracks. I was surprised and blessed.
    double_ring_02.jpg double_ring_03.jpg
    The serial number, 225238, indicates that it was made in 1905.
    This razor is 112 years old. Wow.
    double_ring_05.jpg double_ring_06.JPG
    double_ring_16.JPG double_ring_22.JPG
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  11. Herm2502

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    Very nice. That razor is called a Ball-End Old Type. I believe 1904 is the patent date. If there's no serial number on the head, the razor is from the 1920's. If there is a serial number you can Google "Gillette Date Codes" and you'll find a couple good sites to find out the date.

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  12. Herm2502

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  13. wchnu

    wchnu Duck Season!

    Very nice OLD. Those shave great! You should start your own thread with that beauty.
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  14. Jayaruh

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  15. wchnu

    wchnu Duck Season!

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  16. MattOfCleveland

    MattOfCleveland New Member

    Thanks Herm! ,I did end up utilizing that info and found out mine is from the year (1918) from what I can tell ,Its not as old as initially thought but it is a pretty cool find anyhow. Serial number is H893894 on the head. :)

  17. Herm2502

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    Nice. That Old Type is a nice razor. It's a little aggressive so be sure to use a shallow angle. Enjoy!

  18. Billy Goatee

    Billy Goatee Well-Known Member

    Fantastic for sure. I deeply regret polishing my DR. It was fantastically blacked out. Even the boiled egg trick didn't black it out enough. Sonce then, I don't polish my razors.
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  19. Herm2502

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    I "polish" silver only with baking soda, an aluminum foil-lined bowl and boiling water. Chemical reaction removes about 95% of tarnish in minutes, no scrubbing or polishing.

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