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Discussion in 'Safety Razors' started by rodd, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. rodd

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    Anthony asked for some more pictures of one of these vintage Merkurs in the SoS, so I figured I would start a thread on vintage Merkurs, and re-branded Merkurs. Anyone else have any to share?

    This is the one from today's SoS:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Under the head is the Murcury head logo and "Merkur Patent" It is really hard to capture in a picture though.

    A couple of these blades came with the set. They are unused, but corroded. Merkur blades sure have come a long way... or have they? ;)

    This one is what has become known as a Chessman Slant, because a seller that goes by Chessman came across a lot of these NOS.

    This one is a Hoffritz 4 piece travel slant. It is a rebranded Merkur.

    I don't have much information on this one, but it has the Mercury logo on the end of the handle, and is marked Merkur under the head.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    And this one I have almost no information on, but I believe it is also a vintage Merkur.

    Please excuse the patina on some of these. I didn't feel like polishing them.

    Anyone else have some vintage Merkurs to share? Let's see them!
  2. swarden43

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    Cool pics!

    I have the same one second from the bottom. It's stamped Grafco under the head. Nice shaver.
  3. gregindallas

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    I have a Merkur box

    Sez so stamped on the bottom. Not sure i got the right razor with it though.:D

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  4. dashmaverick

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    Thanks Rodd for the great razor porn, I didn't expect you to create a whole separate thread!! This is why I love this place, everyone's so warm & personable!! :D :D

    I used to own a 'chessman' but sold it some months ago. Kind-of regretting that decision now...
  5. IAmTheJody

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    This one.. is a fine shaver. Made by Merkur, you'll find them branded Adams, Merkur, Grafco or Weck. I have an Adams branded one in my collection and I have a Weck branded one in my shaving rotation. The Merkur and the Weck both have their names in the head cap. If you're on that other shaving forum, have a look at Copierguy's Merkur branded version. Sweet looking razor for sure.

    As for the Merkur-made slants that all look alike, you'll find them under the names Merkur, Hoffritz, Adams, Grafco, Apollo, Pomco and Meehan
  6. rodd

    rodd Knotty Boy

    Wow. I had not seen the top plate on that one copierguy has. This one has a blank top plate, but I had a Weck with a printed head at one point. Not nearly as cool though, just engraved before plating. I may still have it, but it isn't on display anymore. I had a Hoffritz and a Pomco slant at one point, but had to let them go to fund other purchases. Here is my Pomco:
  7. Jaymo

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    I wasn't a Merkur fan until I got my 37G. Now I want some more. Open combs, safety bars, slants, you name it.
  8. Dslazar9

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    Middle-Pomco Slant-probably 50's
    Right-Merkur Slant-probably 50's.
    The two slants and the modern Merkur Slant are all very similar (and quite awesome) shavers

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  9. Queen of Blades

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    Awesome thread! :happy096

    Beautiful razors, too!
  10. Shotwell

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