What should be my next blade from the sample pack?

Discussion in 'Shave School' started by BDTeacher, Aug 28, 2018.


What blade should I try next?

  1. Pol Silver

  2. Persona

  3. Merkur

  4. Feather(kind of scared to go here being a newbie)

  5. Shark

  6. Bic

  7. Voshkov(spelling?)

  8. Derby

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  9. Gillette Platinum

  10. Dorco

  1. BDTeacher

    BDTeacher Member

    I recently started wet shaving and bought a sample pack of blades to go with my 34c. I have very thick facial hair and mildly sensitive skin. My first shave with an Astra blade was excellent; so, I used it for my next shave. I want to try a different blade in my sample pack. Thank you for the help.
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  2. stingraysrock

    stingraysrock PIF'd away his custom title

    Put them in a bag, shake them up and pull one out at random.

    Might not be the answer you are looking for, but that is the point of a sampler pack.

    I voted for the Bic, it is one of my favorites .
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  3. wchnu

    wchnu Duck Season!

    Stick with one while you learn to shave. Jumping from blade to blade will do you no good. kind of like a new driver changing tires all the time...you will not know a good blade yet.
  4. John Beeman

    John Beeman Little chicken in hot water

    I have to agree with @wchnu .

    I started sampling blades too soon and it made it difficult to hone my technique.

    Stick with the Astras for at least a month or two.
  5. wristwatchb

    wristwatchb wristwatch "danger" b

    @BDTeacher, welcome to The Shave Den!

    Congratulations on starting your traditional wet shaving journey. Some of us believe that learning to DE shave is somewhat like learning to play golf. You wouldn't change your golf equipment every few days as you are getting started, so why would you change your shaving gear?

    Check out the 30 Day Rule/Focus Pix & Discussion thread. You might find it more to useful to stick with the same razor, brush, soap or cream, and brand of blade for 30 days. During that time, you'll develop your technique more quickly by eliminating variables in your shaving routine. The 30 Day Crew is always glad to provide help and encouragement for new wet shavers. A new thread is created each month, but the party never stops. You can join anytime. A few of us have stuck around for quite a long time as we enjoy each others' company, and we like helping new wet shavers.

    Astra SP's are fine blades and would be ideal for the next 30 days. You'll have plenty of time to change up your gear, including your blades, after you get your technique nailed down. In time, you'll be able to shave with most any razor and blade combo.

    Have fun!
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  6. MacDaDad

    MacDaDad Well-Known Member

    Pick one and stick with it for a month. Same thing with soap and brush. Pleasant shaves.. ;-)

    p. s. Don't be afraid of the Feather, it a DE blade like all the others..
  7. wchnu

    wchnu Duck Season!

    Ditto on the Feather...
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  8. BDTeacher

    BDTeacher Member

    Thank you for the feedback. I will use the Astra for 30 days as suggested. However, please vote as for what shave #31 should be.
  9. gorgo2

    gorgo2 geezerhood

    Sensitive skin?

    BIG BEN.

    Thank me later.
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  10. RyX

    RyX DoH! Staff Member

    Feather blades are razor sharp! So are all the others. If you've locked down the idea of sticking with the Astra SP's for a month, by then you'll have developed the skills to handle them. There are subtle differences between the different blades most favored by the Wet Shave community. Most are PTFE (teflon) coated, some have exotic metal plating. There are a few to avoid because of quality issues, mostly Chinese manufactured. The Russian made DE blades as a group are a good place to start sampling. Those Feather Hi-Stainless have a reputation of being harsh on the first shave & smoothing out on 2nd & 3rd use.

    A good policy for new guys is "three and out". Many blades begin to loose their edge after three to five shaves. Rather than suffer a bad shave because you don't know if it's starting to dull pitch it. Blades are cheap compared to cartridges. When you find a blade you are happy with and know you're getting a weeks worth of shaves - order a 100 pack. Cost around $12 -$15 and that's a two year supply. You can afford to toss em at three shaves as you develop your razor handling skills.
  11. MacDaDad

    MacDaDad Well-Known Member

    Heck, you might just as well order 4 or 500, get'em while they're hot. J/K but it doesn't hurt anything to have an assortment of blades on hand. For example, I know what works for me, and I know what I like ... Some days I feel like a nut, some days .. not so much. Variety is the spice of life or so I've been told. Shaving's fun and so's variety. :)
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  12. MacDaDad

    MacDaDad Well-Known Member

    You might want to add a few more choices. Just a thought but "The Good Blades" don't all come from the same place. Russia, Israel, Japan, China, USA, India, Pakistan, Germany, England just to name a few places. ;)
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  13. Sara-s

    Sara-s This Pun for Hire

    I agree with the advice to stick with one brand for a while (not just a couple of shaves) to get the feel of it. But once you are ready for the next one, the order really doesn’t matter. Just choose with help from your friends Eenie, Meenie, Miney & Moe.
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  14. Bama Samurai

    Bama Samurai with Laser-like Focus Staff Member

    Sample packs are meant to sell blades, not help you get better shaves. Blades don't matter near as much as people pretend they do. Results are mostly dependent upon skill. Consistency helps too. If Astra was excellent, changing seems a little misguided.
  15. ordinaryshaver

    ordinaryshaver Well-Known Member

    And let the choir say Amen!
    Technique trumps tools, all the time, every time.
    A blade is a blade is a blade.
    Don't blame the transmission if you burn out the clutch.
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  16. Terry

    Terry Tool Admirer

    Welcome, glad you came aboard.

    I started DE shaving about 7 months ago.

    To learn I used the same razor and blade combo at least 25 to 30 times consecutively.
    Also I didn't use a blade to long, you don't want to practice with a dulling blade. Use it 2 or 3 times then change to a new blade. You will get a better feel if the blade is going south later as your razor skills gets better.

    Notice I did not put a time to it.
    Some shave every other day, some only once a week or so. Some like me may shave 40 to over 45 times a month or in 30 days.
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  17. Ron R

    Ron R Well-Known Member

  18. BDTeacher

    BDTeacher Member

    FYI went with the Vashkov after staying consistent for 30 days. It was an entirely different experience from the Astras. They were very smooth; but, clearly not as sharp. Also, they were extremely forgiving. I had a bad stroke that would have given me irritation with an Astra; however, no irritation post shave. I may just use these if I am really tired and HAVE to shave in the future. I do prefer the Astras after going back to them today. The next shave I think I will finally grow a pair and use a Feather.
  19. jason koonce

    jason koonce Well-Known Member

    I would also recommend the feather. it is one of my favorites I use them in both my DE razor and my shavette.
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  20. Lord Gillette

    Lord Gillette Active Member

    I voted for Gillette platinum since it's my go to now.
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