Lady Eversharp Type H and K Schick injectors for dummies

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    Not to leave the ladies out. I am consolidating the Type H and K razors into one thread. Variants will be grouped first by type then by handle styles since it assumed the same handle should shave the same.

    Type H razors were the first foray into injectors marketed to women. They all share a rectangular styled shape. These were produced between 1947 - 1952.

    1st variant
    The Lady's Fashion razors which came in 2 styles, unknown the exact production dates for each style but both will fall between 1947 - 1952. Also known by collectors as a H1.

    Style 1 on the left
    Style 2 on the right
    Besides the patents the razor heads are slightly different.

    Style 1- US Pats 1806067 - 1969945.
    Has a rounded razor head.

    Style 2 - US Pats 1969945 - 2058633.
    Has a flat style razor head same as can be seen on the Deb H2 razors.

    2nd variants

    Styles 1 and 2 - This one was called a Schick "DEB" razor. It is also referred to as a H2. The 2 styles differ by the color of the cap which came in either a red or turquoise color as seen in the picture below. Produced 1948 - 1951.

    After 52 Ladies razors disappear from the market until 1962 with the introduction of the Type K models. These were produced from 1962 - 1975 and come in 4 major handle styles and as such the variants will be split based upon that.
    The common features of the Type K injectors is they all are stamped Lady Eversharp on the razor head and all have a hydro-magic lever for easy blade and razor head rinsing.

    1st variants

    Styles 1, 2 and 3. These were sold as Lady Eversharp razors. They came in 3 colors, blue, pink and white and shared the same handle style as a long handle Type J. They are also referred to as Type K2 razors. Produced 1962 - 1966.
    Top row 1 - 4 are the K2 razors.

    2nd variants

    Styles 1, 2 and 3 - These are shorter handled versions of the 1st variants sold as travel razors. They are also referred to as K3 injectors. The came in 3 colors, white, blue and pink. Produced 1964.
    letw.jpg letb.jpg lept1.jpg

    3rd variants

    Styles 1, 2, 3 and 4 - These are characterized by their concave shaped handles and are also referred to as Type K1 injectors. These came in 4 colored handles, pink (pictured), blue (pictured), white (pictured) and white with glitter (not pictured). Produced 1966 -1972. Also of note the ones with rivet holding the handle to the razor head were produced between 1966 - 1969 and the ones without 1969 - 1972. Both styles are featured in the picture below.

    Bottom row razors 1 - 4 are the K1 injectors

    4th variant

    Style 1 - This razor was the last of the Lady Eversharp's made. It has a long Type L style handle and only came in a yellow color. This razor is undesignated but if using Appleby's designations should be classified as a Type K4. Produced 1972 - 1975.
    Yellow handled razors to the right are the K4 injectors.
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    Update pink colored travel razor picture added.
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    The Fashion Razor (H1) comes in two styles, differing by the patents displayed on the head.

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    Thanks I never noticed that before. If that 2058633 is applicable then that razor head should be slightly different in the way it loads a blade.
    US2058633-drawings-page-1.png US2058633-drawings-page-2.png
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    I have not been able to find a patent that actually shows the Fashion Razor and I have tried really hard.
    They just put any old patent numbers on there because their lawyers insisted. At least that's my theory.
    If is applicable then the H1 is a straight razor :p
    The other patents don't resemble a Fashion Razor either:

    The last (and newest one) is from 1936 and there were plenty of injector patents between 1936 and 1947.
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    Here are the differences in the razor head
    19xxxxx patent sideview

    20xxxxx patent sideview. It shares the same flatter style top part of the guard as can be seen on the H2 Deb razors.
    20pat.jpg deb2.jpg
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    First post updated to add information concerning both styles of H1 razor heads.
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    Well, I never!
    That's something I hadn't noticed before.
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    I just noticed... The patent number for H1 Style 1 is 1806087 not ...67

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