Schick Type N injectors for dummies

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    These razors were produced between 1984 and 1998. I've only owned one so far so I can't comment on how each style shaves. What they all share in common is a razor head that is rectangular in shape.

    Style 1 - produced from 1984 to at least 1990. This one is also referred to as an N1 using the Appleby designations.

    Style 2 - unknown the exact production dates but assumed 1990 or later. This razor came in 2 colors, black and white. This razor is referred to as an N2 using the Appleby designations. It differs from the N1 in that it doesn't have a band across the handle as can be seen in the second picture showing the white handle N2 next to an N1.
    schickn2.jpg typen-w.jpg

    Style 3 - unknown the exact production dates but is known to be produced in 1993 and probably other years. This razor is referred to as an N3 using the Appleby designations. It is identified by the rubber handle.
    1993 packaging
    schickn3.jpg n3-a.jpg

    1995 packaging
    n3a.jpg n3b.jpg

    Style 4 - unknown the exact production dates. This razor is not identified or lumped together as an N3. It should have it's own designation and as such I am calling it an N4. It is identified by the handle which is the same style as a Type L Schick Grip tennis racket.
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    I can't speak for the other Type N injectors but the N1 seems to work best when paired with a Schick II twin blade. If anyone happens to pick one of these razors up and finds the results meh with a single edge injector blade give it a go with a twin before writing off the razor.
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