Schick Type D and O injectors for dummies.

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    These 2 are being consolidated in 1 thread since there was only one razor produced for each type and they also happen to be the first and very last Schick injectors made to date.

    In 1934 the very first injector razor was introduced commonly referred to as a Type D. Prior to this the Schick razors used a blade magazine and repeater. This was the first injector to use an external injector key to load blades.

    variant 1

    style 1 - The distinguishing features of this razor is the handle style and the fact the handle opened like a scissor allowing for opening of the razor head for cleaning or hand loading blades besides using an injector key. This razor is also referred to as a Type D. Produced 1934 - 1935. It was superseded by the Type E in December of 1935 but was still being sold in 1936 even though production ceased.
    TypeD.jpg TypeD_1.jpg

    In 1998 the final of the injectors was introduced known as a Type O. This razor was only sold online in North America. The packaging was in plastic bag. This was also sold in a blister pack on the retail level in Japan. How it was sold elsewhere is unknown. The accepted date that production ceased on this razor is 2001 and since then there hasn't been any other Schick injectors produced by Pzifer or Edgewell which currently owns the Schick brand. Hopefully that changes sometime in the near future since injectors even the mediocre ones were some of the best safety razors ever made.

    variant 1

    style 1 - Key feature is the handle style as seen in the pictures below. This razor is also referred to as a Type O. Produced 1998 - 2001.
    TypeO.jpg TypeO_1.jpg

    Also of note is the fact that later on that this razor was reintroduced unbranded made by third parties. It was commonly known as an ebarbershop Type O clone. Though no longer produced it looks and performs identical to a Schick Type O except for one detail. The razor heads on the Type O say Schick while the Type O clones lack any mention of Schick stamped on the razor head as seen below.
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    Thanks! This is great information. I have a Schick O clone and love it. I have heard that, except for the lack of branding, it’s an exact clone of the original Schick O. Did Schick make the O in the US, or was it made in China?
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    They are identical shave wise, I've owned both and shaved them against each other and couldn't tell a difference except for how many $ each set me back to buy. I've heard that whoever was making the Type O clone had acquired the original tooling Warner Lambert and later Pzifer owned that was used to produce the Type O and that is why it was identical in every right. I have no idea were the last Type O razor was produced.
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    Patent for the D razor and injector system filed together 1933.


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    Thanks for the info. I would love to have a D injector. I do have the O clone. It is a nice shaver.
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    I have a Type D and after dialing it in it so far has landed in the N.F.S. (not for sale) pile of razors. It is an aggressive but really good shaver. They can get pricey but if you are willing to spend the asking price on another razor this one is certainly worth the same.
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    Same. Couldn't warm to the O but D is a keeper.

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