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    The aim of this is to update and clarify best as possible the various style of adjustable injector razors and when they were produced. Using dial and handle stickers strictly to date the razors is not really since they weren't used in a linear fashion for the most part. The only consistent delination is the addition of the guard lock originally the proctector feature on the razors in 1973. Any razor without is 1964 - 1973 and any with is 1973 onward regardless of handle or dial stickers.

    I am going to drop Appleby's designations outright except for calling them Type M injectors and instead identify them by a combination of the style of dial sticker, handle sticker and guard feature. Keep in mind there are a few stragglers out there that are not representative of the packaging. I will elaborate more on those towards the end of this write up.

    Now to define the razor characteristics

    Dial stickers
    D1 black dot in middle
    D2 no black dot in middle
    D3 cross in middle
    1964ad.jpg adjust1.jpg

    D1 and D2 in advert on the left, D3 on the right

    Handle stickers
    H1 Schick adjustable
    H2 Schick Dial
    H3 Adjustable by Schick
    H4 no sticker

    adjust.jpg dialschick.jpg adjust1.jpg schickm80.jpg
    H1 on the left
    H2 middle left
    H3 middle right
    H4 on the right

    Guard Protector lever
    G1 without
    G2 with

    G1 on the left, G2 on the right.

    Now onto the combinations and years produced. As far as how each shaves compared to each other is unknown and outside the scope of this synposis.
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    First up are ones without a guard protector lever. This covers from 1964 - 1973.

    The first iterations were marketed as Schick Adjustable razors and were produced between 1964 - 1966.
    These came with the following stickers and using the first post's identifiers came in 2 variations with either an D1 or D2 dial sticker along with the H1 handle sticker and G1 guard.

    The earliest instance I found was here
    Ad from the Indianapolis Star Sept. 4th 1964

    In 1966 Eversharp rebranded these razors as Schick Dial Injector Razors. These were produced between 1966 - 1968/1969.
    These came with the following stickers and using the first post's identifiers came in 2 variations with either an D1 or D2 dial sticker along with the H2 handle sticker and G1 guard.

    Retail packaging from 1966. Change probably had to due with marketing trying to highlight the razor as having a comfort control dial.
    66a.jpg 66b.jpg

    Ad from the Lancaster Eagle Gazette Jun. 15th 1966

    Ad from the Selma Times Journal Dec. 28th 1969

    Retail packaging from 1968.
    68a.jpg 68b.jpg
    These came with the following stickers and using the first post's identifiers came in 2 variations with either an D1 or D2 dial sticker along with the H1 handle sticker and G1 guard.

    In 1968 they either transitioned back to or there was an overlap in production of the H2 Schick Dial and H1 Schick Adjustable handle stickers. These H1 sticker variant razors differ besides the packaging by the cases from the earlier 1964 - 1966 versions. The earlier versions came in black clamshell cases, these were in either blister packs or rectangular cases. These were produced between 1968 through 1973.

    Ad from the Albany Democrat Herald Feb 20th 1973

    Some notes even though these razors came with 2 styles of dial stickers you almost never see them when they come up for sale which is often with the D1 style. There were also a few stragglers probably produced in 1973 with the D3 center cross style stickers on handles with the H1 sticker and G1 style guard they are uncommon but some do exist out in the wild.

    Full page ads as attachments.

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    In 1973 the only major functional change to these razors was introduced with a new guard lever marketed initially as the protector that locked the guard from moving and in such a way that you could grab the razor head without cutting your fingers.

    This covers from 1973 -1984 / 86.

    These razors came with the D3 dial sticker, H3 handle sticker and G2 style guard. There were a few stragglers produced probably right when they switched over in 1973 with the D2 dial sticker on them instead.

    Ad from the Lebanon Daily News Aug 28th 1973

    About approximately 1980 the handle style changes to an H4 with the D3 dial sticker and G2 style guard. These razors can be broken down into 2 time frames, the ones between 1980 and 1982 were like all prior versions of the adjustables and lacked any Schick logo on the razor head. The ones made from 1982 - 1984 had logos etched on the heads. These were sold through mail order by Warner Lambert past 1984 until at least 1986.
    schickm80.jpg schick80s.jpg
    1980 -1982 variant in picture on the left
    1982 - 1984 variant in picture on the right, razor on the right.

    Ad from the Democrat and Chronicle Sun Dec. 30th 1984

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    Update 1968 is the year they went back to the Schick Adjustable stickers on the handles. Main posted edited and information rewritten to incorporate this.

    Retail package with a 1968 date code on it.
    68a.jpg 68b.jpg

    We also know besides the date code on the cardboard that this razor couldn't have been made earlier than 1968 because the Krona tradmark for blades and DE razors wasn't introduced until 1968.
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    Update, my opinion on the dial razor that is normally accepted as a prototype has changed. I've seen a couple of these coming out of Canada before but never a full retail package with case and instructions. My opinion is this particular dial razor made it to retail level at the least as a test market item or some sort of focus group product. Check the packaging and instructions out. They are partially in French and mention being printed in Canada. They also had a different style of adjustable on the cases from the standard ones. You don't go to this level of detail for a prototype razor with the packaging. Since it is the standard black clamshell style of case Schick used puts it between 1964 - 1966. I can't narrow down the date any further than that.

    adj1.jpg adj2.jpg adj3.jpg
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    Interesting observation now having used a few different models. The overall aggressiveness of the adjustables increases with each major manufacturing revision and can broken down by decades. It can be seen here with the guards set to the most aggressive setting and also backed up by how they shaved at these settings for me.

    Ma.jpg Mb.jpg

    60s style
    Left most one was made between 1966 - 1969 and was only made by Eversharp

    70s style
    Middle one was made between 1973 - 1979/80 and was only made by Warner Lambert

    80s style
    Right most one was made between 1980 - 1984, ones with logos like the one I used are 1982 - 1984 and was made by Warner Lambert

    The 4th style of adjustable might fall under the 60s and 70s style versions for overall aggressiveness depending when they were produced. The early Eversharp ones were produced from 1964 - 66 and 68 - 70. The Warner Lambert ones from 1970 - 1973.

    Also of note the razors made before 1973 were not designed to use Schick Twin injector blades while the ones made from 1973 - 1984 were. With that said the earlier adjustables do work fine using twin blades with no issues.
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    Mine is D2, H1, G1. How do I know if it is a '64-'66, or a '68?
    I don't have any packaging or case.


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