Schick Type A, B and C Magazine Repeating Razors for dummies

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    These razors are the precursors to the injector razors and were made from 1926 - 1940. The key features for all types is they used a blade magazine and a repeater to load and reload blades. This simple but revolutionary at the time improvement to safety razors allowed users to never have to touch the blade reducing the chance of cutting your fingers to zero as long as the loader worked correctly.

    The types are designated by the design of the repeater and spring besides other cosmetic chances. All razors grouped as the same variant will shave the same unless otherwise noted.

    First up are the Type A repeaters which were produced between 1926 - 1927. These come in 2 variants. The 1st variants besides having a different style guard also shave more aggressive than the 2nd variants.

    1st variant
    key feature is the guard bar is connected to the razor head at it's ends.


    Style 1 - Handle is a smooth finish. These razors are also referred to as Type A1 razors. Produced 1926 - 1927.

    Style 2 - Handle is like style 1 but with a textured finish. These razors are also referred to as Type A1 razors. Produced 1926 - 1927.

    2nd variants
    Key feature is the guard bar is connected to the the razor head in a T shape like the Type B razors


    Style 1 - Handle is a smooth finish. These razors are also referred to as Type A1 razors. Produced 1927.

    Style 2 - Handle is like style 1 but with a textured finish. These razors are also referred to as Type A1 razors. Produced 1927.

    Style 3 - Handle is completely smooth with no grooves and a different style cap. These would also be referred to as a Type A1. Produced 1927.
    TypeA_3rd.jpg typa3.jpeg

    Next up are the Type B razors. These were referred to as an improved version of the Schick Repeater. The key feature on these is the rectangular shaped handle and style of magazine loader on the handle. They were produced from 1927 - 1930.

    1st variant

    Style 1 - This was the standard edition sold with a storage pouch and came in either a silver or gold plated finished. They are also referred to as Type B1 repeaters. Produced 1927 - 1930.
    b1.jpg typeb1g.jpg

    2nd variant

    Style 1 - This was a special set that sold around Christmas time. Key feature is the safety bar has teeth unlike the B1 which is a smooth safety guard. This razor is also referred to as a B2. Produced 1929 and possibly other years.

    3rd variant

    Style 1 - This also was most likely a special set. Razor is plated in sterling silver and the key feature to the set is it is the only Type B razor that came with a cap. This razor is also referred to as a B3. Unknown when it was produced.

    Last of the repeating razors are the Type C models produced between 1931 - 1940. These were billed as the new simplified Schick Magazine Repeating Razor since it did away the with the spring and removable end cap to load the blade magazine tray and also changed how the repeater worked.

    1st variants

    Style 1 - The key feature of is that is an open comb guard. These are referred to as a C1. Produced 1931 - 1934

    Style 2 - The key feature of is that it has a closed comb safety guard. These are referred to as a C2. Unknown the exact production years.

    Style 3 - The key feature of is that it has a smooth bar safety guard. These are referred to as a C3. Produced 1940 and possibly other years prior.

    Razors left to right
    Style 1 (C1), Style 2 (C2), Style 3 (C3)
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    Update new style Type A identified the earlier versions made between 1926 and about June of 1927 had a different style guard bar than the later ones. The earlier ones the guard was connected at the ends of the razor head while the later ones are connected like a T to the razor head same as the way the Type B1 razors.
    straightbar.jpeg t-bara.jpg
    Earlier style on left, later T bar style on right
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    How do you compare and rate the shaves between repeater types?

    I've only used my C3. I have not had the pleasure of keeping company with different repeater types

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    On the Type C repeaters they all shave the same just how the guard feels when dragged across the face differs. That is why I grouped them as different styles but same variant.

    All the repeaters I've used I would call mild. The B2 being the mildest one I've used and the B1 least mild.
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    I have the earlier style 1 Type A to shave with and will update the thread if it turns out to shave differently than the those other Type A repeaters.
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    Another thing to add for these early A, B, and C "magazine fed" razors. If you disassemble a shick injector key pack, inside is... one of the magazines that are used in these razors.

    Much easier to find than an original magazine, which a lot of these old razors are missing.
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    Normally I don't go into the prototypes but in this case I will since this particular one is a historically significant piece that is known to exist.

    20191226_175426~2.jpg 20191226_175550~2.jpg 20191226_175638~2.jpg 20191227_214220~2.jpg

    This razor is the very first design prototyped by Colonel Jacob Schick. It has the original head design as can be seen in the patent and also has a date stamp of 24 aka 1924 which correlates to the first patent submission date for this razor.

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    But only on the older all brass made keys.
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    New handle style Type A added. Section also revised Type A into 2 variants since they do shave differently depending the guard style.
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    Textured handle for Type A razors was made for both variants not just the 2nd variant. Main post edited.
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    GREAT writeup Andy and much appreciated as I seek my 1st repeater eventually !
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    I always liked these razors from an aesthetic point of view, but found them to be rather harsh and tended to pull and tug the hairs as opposed to cutting cleanly. That's just me.
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    An unusual experience (the tugging). Perhaps the blade not being held securely.

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    All of them or a specific model or 3?
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    The C1,2 and 3s. Loved the looks etc but just not comfortable.
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    Type A and B razors shave nothing like Type C razors. Also depending the variants they shave differently too. A Type B1 might be better suited for you. The B2 is super mild and much more expensive usually. Unless you are collecting you can skip it. The Type A razors dependng the variant are either mild or most aggressive of the repeating razors. The first variant is the most aggressive one.
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    That's weird. Injector blades are inherently rigid, getting them to tug when sharp and well secured is not something expected. Used my Schick A today. Smooth baby. Repeating razor blades were thicker than injector blades and sometimes the head needs a bit of tweaking to hold a modern blade tightly, that's all I got.

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